Brothers of Crozza 11 November, all imitations: Matteo Piantedosi, Gennaro Sangiuliano, De Luca

Maurizio Crozza, during the evening, is accompanied on stage by Andrea Zalone.

Friday 11 November, from 21:25 on Ninea new episode of Brothers of Crozza. The program is led by the comedian Maurizio Crozza, which alternates monologues and imitations in the appointment. With him the comic shoulder Andrea Zalone. The episode is available in live streaming from the website of Discovery +.

Brothers of Crozza 11 November, imitations by Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Piantedosi

Brothers of Crozza of 11 November starts with the imitation of Giorgia Meloni. The feint Premier he claims: “The fall of the Berlin Wall marks the end of totalitarianism. Communism has ruined Italy, characterized by the March on Sassari of the ferocious troops of Occhetto, from which that atrocious abbreviation SS, or Sassari, is born. Veltroni made an agreement with that madman with a mustache, a certain D’Alema“.

The comedian enters the studio and starts with the first monologue: “The right needs a date of its own: the ones that exist all belong to the left, from May 1st to April 25th. Meanwhile, the escalation between our country and France has started: two days ago we were cousins, today inhumane. On the landings we went back to the policy of closed ports, which already Matteo Salvini had started in the days of Count 1. Now, with Matteo Piantedosi, selective landing has been introduced ”.

Brothers of Crozza of 11 November goes on with the imitation of the Minister of the Interior: “France pointed out to us that on the NGOs there were migrants and not containers. So we dropped all the residual load“. The comedian, after the parody, continues in the invective: “But why not adopt the selective landing policy also for the government appointment? Let’s think of Augusta Montaruli, now Undersecretary and who has a 19-month sentence on appeal for reimbursements“. The conductor also jokes about Gennaro SangiulianoMinister of Culture: “He asked for a TV series about Oriana Fallaci. Too bad, however, that he forgot that state TV already broadcast one in 2015, when he was Deputy Director of TG1. But what did Sangiuliano do in Rai? Did he clean the windows?“.

Brothers of Crozza 11 November Melons

The imitation of the former TG2 director

TO Brothers of Crozza on 11 November the imitation of the former is staged Director of the TG2: “Enough with the cultural hegemony of Gramscian origin. Why doesn’t Rai enhance Italian music by creating a Festival in a Ligurian city, perhaps in Sanremo? Ah, does it already exist? Now that I am Minister I promise that it will always go on Rai 1 ”.

Maurizio Crozza speaks of the phenomenon of emigration: “There are 5.8 million Italians abroad. There are more people who have left than those who have arrived. The real emergency is not closing the ports, but blocking the escape routes“. We continue with the imitation of the emigrant “most famous of Italy“, Or the senator Antonio Razzi: “I have been in Switzerland for many years, where I worked as a worker. Here I earned more than I am today a senator. In Parliament it is even more complicated: it took me two years to learn Italian. I made Arcore’s 12 hardships to understand that the President said abstention and not sneezing during the voting ”.

Brothers of Crozza on Friday 11 November continues with the parody of Vincenzo De Luca: “Security must be approached with a hard fist. In the south there is peace and harmony: here the birds help people to dress and this happens only thanks to my presence. Without me, civilization would fail in Campania. They want to place the drills in Ischia. Why spoil such a scenario? They could put them between Bergamo and Brescia, where they would sweeten the environment“.

Antonio Razzi

Brothers of Crozza 11 November, Red Ronnie and Vittorio Feltri

Brothers of Crozza of 11 November continues with the usual imitation of Red Ronnie: “A Pharaoh – God could live up to 4 thousand years. Those surveyors, on the other hand, reach the maximum of 200 years. Malanga discovered this when he looked at the holes in the Pyramids. A brother-in-law of a friend of Tonini’s died for two weeks last summer. When he came back he said that there are always 23 degrees and that cavities do not come ”.

Brothers of Crozza Friday 11 November ends with the parody of Vittorio Feltri: “Young people must be hunted, they are a danger to society. Since ’68 they have put Italy on fire and pierced the wheels of strollers. The real plague is youthism. On the other hand, France has declared war on us and this would never have happened if there had been a non-young President instead of Macron ”.

Brothers of Crozza 11 November, all imitations: Matteo Piantedosi, Gennaro Sangiuliano, De Luca