Brothers of Crozza 23 September, all imitations: Silvio Berlusconi, Flavio Briatore, Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni

During the episode, Maurizio Crozza also imitated Matteo Renzi and Roberto Cingolani.

Friday 23 September, from 21:25 on Nineairs the first episode of the season of Brothers of Crozza. The program features the comedian Maurizio Crozza, protagonist of numerous imitations and parodies. With him Andrea Zalone, which acts as a shoulder to performance. It is reasonable to think that, during the appointment, Crozza talks about the upcoming elections.

Fratelli di Crozza 23 September, the episode begins

The episode of Brothers of Crozza of 23 September. The first imitation of the season is that of King Charles, who can’t do the most mundane actions like tying his shirt and drinking soup. The comedian enters the studio and is the protagonist of a monologue: “Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years. We wish we too had a woman capable of ruling for so long“. Thus appears on the screen Giorgia Meloni: “The Queen of Garbatella“, Crozza jokes, who then continues:”Giorgia Meloni has two faces. She uses the virus technique: mutate. In Europe, in fact, they call it the Variante Melonicron“.

Brothers of Crozza of 23 September continues with the parody of the leader of Brothers of Italy, pretending he no longer wants to go to the government: “We haven’t won anything yet. Between us and the left there is not all this great difference. I am from Garbatella and they from Parioli: it is always Rome. Enrico Letta is better than me. A I’m around we send him forward, who in November we are in the dark, without electricity. If we win, the free ride ends for me ”.

Brothers of Crozza 23 September Melons

Imitations of Enrico Letta and Mario Draghi

Brothers of Crozza of 23 September continues: we talk about the PD. Crozza is cutting edge: “It cannot be said that they are not on the side of the poor: in fact, in recent years they have created many“. On Enrico LettaSecretary of the Democratic partydeclares: “It swings from cosmic pessimism to stupid optimism. To make the voters change their minds, we need to come up with something“.

The center-left leader is the object of the next imitation: “I taught politics to young people in Paris, to whom I passed on the values ​​of the left. He had to see them, standing applauding me, calling me Capiten mon Capiten. When I arrived in Italy, however, I realized that I had left the attributes in France. If I had had them, I would have made a progressive coalition and now we would be one step away from electoral victory. If I still had the attributes, Fratoianni and I would be like Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti in the early days of marriage“. Advertising.

Maurizio Crozza continue the appointment with Brothers of Crozza of 23 September ironically on the electoral law: “Ettore Rosato invented it, but in my opinion not even he has ever understood how it works ”. The comedian imitates Mario Draghi: “They gave me the award as the best Premier of the year. I deserved it, on the other hand I did the Superbonus and I got the PNRR in Europe. Ah, did Conte do it? And why did they reward me? See you at the Quirinale, maybe they’ll even give me the Telegatto “.

Enrico Letta

Brothers of Crozza 23 September, Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi

The appointment of 23 September of Brothers of Crozza continues with a short parody of Matteo Renzi: “Calenda, did you see how small I made myself in this election campaign? If we win it is my merit because I have been in the shadows. If we lose, however, it’s your fault that you put your face on it. Calenda, be calm“.

We talk about Silvio Berlusconi: “He said that Putin, when he started the war in Ukraine, wanted to put decent people in power. Yeah, the ones that poison you with polonium. When he goes to Bruno Vespa, however, he always tends to exaggerate. Two weeks ago he reported that at twelve he was sticking the posters of the DC on those of the Communists. But what harm did they ever hurt him at the time? The expropriation of snacks? “.

The evening of Brothers of Crozza of 23 September continues with the hilarious imitation of Silvio Berlusconi: “I opened the Tik Tok channel to speak to young people aged 5 to 85. I’ll tell you a joke: there is a right-wing coalition that, if it wins, would field a woman as prime minister. Funny, right ?. When I was 3 years old I crossed the Strait of Messina running on the bottom and practicing half an hour of apnea “.

Silvio Berlusconi

Roberto Cingolani and Giorgio Parisi

In Brothers of Crozza on September 23, the topic of expensive bills is addressed: “Since there is a free market, it is Holland that decides to raise the price. ENI and ENEL have their registered office in the Netherlands for tax reasons. But what does our government do? ”. The monologue serves as a launch for the parody of Roberto Cingolani, Minister for the ecological transition: “We at the Ministry pay the energy at 600 euros per megawatt hour and, for this reason, I signed the contracts in the dark. We are working to bring the maximum price down below 100, but it will not go down. We are self-speculating, when I go to the office I look at the horoscope. I advise Italians to get a wood stove, pending nuclear power that will arrive by 2070 ”.

The conductor makes fun of the proposal to cook pasta over the fire to save on the gas that came from Nobel prize Giorgio Parisi . Crozza imitates him: “I got the Nobel Prize in physics because I have been observing flocks of birds for 23 years. Physics teaches us that you can cook a hamburger in a month using a magnifying glass. To make the parmigiana, instead, you have to dig a hole 70 km deep ”.

Brothers of Crozza of 23 September ends with the parody of Flavio Briatore: “A poor man has never been seen creating jobs. I know a person who was bitten by a single income and who became infected with poverty. In Italy we only think of the poor. But what are they doing for the country? Towards the rich there is anger and social envy. This is why so many of us are afraid and also hide from the tax authorities “. The episode ends here.

Flavio Briatore

Fratelli di Crozza 23 September, our considerations

The new season of Brothers of Crozza it is characterized, at least in this first appointment, by the electoral campaign. Maurizio Crozzain fact, he occupied almost the entirety of the show with the electoral campaign. The first part of the episode was not the best, penalized by the fact that the comedian had to deal, for a level playing field, with all the main leaders running for the elections. The parodies of Enrico Letta And Giorgia Meloninovelties of the edition, appeared, in this sense, decidedly forced.

Brothers of Crozza on 23 September, however, had a turning point in the second part, when the comedian dusted off some of his workhorses. Between these Flavio Briatore and especially, Silvio Berlusconi, whose parody was undoubtedly the best of the evening. Imitations of the Nobel prize Giorgio Parisi he was born in King Charles.

The mechanism of the show, in general, is the same as that already known in recent years. Crozza, as well as in imitations, proves to be very good and effective in the spaces dedicated to monologues, which act as a launch for parodies. The end result is absolutely enjoyable, with Brothers of Crozza which is confirmed as one of the few Italian formats capable of making a quality political satire.

Brothers of Crozza 23 September, all imitations: Silvio Berlusconi, Flavio Briatore, Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni