Bullying against Alessandra Amoroso: between #amorosophobia and the Camera 209 meme

The last few months for Alessandra Amoroso, a victim of attacks, have been among the most difficult on social networks, also due to the presence of hashtags such as #amorosofobia.

Alessandra Amoroso 2022, photo from Instagram Account @amorosoof

The hatred against Alessandra Amoroso does not stop, for months the victim of bullying on social networks, especially on TikTok, where a hashtag was also used to collect all the videos against the Salento singer. A difficult period for the singer, who also announced her new official single “Blue Nights” a few days ago, to be released on November 11th. In the meantime #amorosofobia depopulated on TikTok, but also the parody of “Camera 209”, a YTP mashup, increasingly present on YouTube, which transformed the initial verse of the song “I wake up still made up” into “I wake up still shit”, become a trend on Twitter and TikTok. In the meantime, following last summer’s controversy, following the failure to give an autograph to a fan, a mud machine started against her, distributed on social networks with some extremist caricatures of her face, but not only. In the meantime, the Salento singer’s fandom has spoken out against cyberbullying, defending it.


Alessandra Amoroso is still at the center of a social mud machine, a phenomenon that we had been able to observe in recent months, especially after the autograph dispute which attracted a lot of hating towards the Salento singer. In fact, only a few months ago, in Rome, during the recordings of the Tim Summer Hits in Piazza del Popolo, Amoroso was filmed while she, getting off the stage and exchanging a few chats with the audience, he had declined to sign some autographs, justifying himself: “The question is that if I do it for you, then the others feel bad. And I’m not used to doing these things”. The attacks suffered after the publication of the video, including death threats and criticism from fans of the singer’s humility had led her to defend herself with a video on TikTok: “I decided to make this video because your judgmental and aggressive way is creating so much hate everywhere. Every post I see is littered with senseless hate. For fourteen years I have always behaved in certain occasions in the same way and I will continue to do so, because for me that is respect”.

Even what seems harmless, like a caricature in a YTP video, which also happened to many other artists, has become an expression of hatred towards him. The video in question features one of his hit singles: “Room 209”. In the opening verse of the track, Amoroso sings: “I wake up still wearing makeup”. In the YTP video, instead everything becomes: “I wake up again crap”. Video and expression entered trend on Twitter and flow became also a hashtag on TikTok with over 13.3 million views: the numbers reached in this collection have also allowed the birth of another phenomenon. #Amorosophobia has become a trend on the Chinese platform, where the creators, in addition to making fun of the singer’s physical and melodic appearance, have also expressed threats, with the published videos garnering over 1.4 million views.

Close to the singer, one of Alessandra Amoroso’s most important fandoms: @labigfamily. The profile with almost 8 thousand followers released a statement on its Twitter page, in which it tried to reconstruct and tell the story of cyberbullying against the singer: “The world of the web is not always beautiful. The contents that are spreading on social networks about Alessandra Amoroso are absolutely unacceptable: memes, videos and edited songs. For them simple lightness, for us low-level content. We ask you to send videos, audios or other content related to Alessandra via email to staffbigfamily@gmail.com. Our team is ready to report the contents to the platforms and to the relevant ones”.

Bullying against Alessandra Amoroso: between #amorosophobia and the Camera 209 meme