Happy New Year friends and no tataouinage in 2023: let’s dissect together the carcass of this Bye-bye 2022 still steaming and let’s put the best pieces in a Tupperware to (re) enjoy them in the evening.

Yes, several servings – the majority of the meal, let’s face it – were scrumptious and hilarious, but others tasted alas! the warm and the ease. And it’s 100% normal that in such a popular culture quilt, a few pieces stand out and come apart from the main fabric. The important thing is that the whole end-of-year review fits together and it was filling, compact, fast and funny. A rich buffet for all generations, who have consumed a lot of television in the last 12 months (hello!).

In 1:15, there were so many guest stars – and cameos from director Simon-Olivier Fecteau – that the troupe of the five main actors of the Bye-bye 2022 has often been shunned from the portrait. Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais was so brilliant that the creators could have sent him on the ice even more, I think.

Its opening song, based on inflation and the collapse of our purchasing power, has again accomplished its mission: screwing itself into our heads and spinning there all day. His imitation of Stéphane Rousseau in STAT – one of the best sketches of the evening – was brilliant, especially when it brought back the favorite characters (Mme Jigger!) of the comedian and actor.

Moreover, Guylaine Tremblay in DD Emmanuelle St-Cyr who disinfects her hands compulsively, her brother Pascal St-Cyr (Patrick Huard) who loses his mark and the plot which progresses at an impossible pace, it was television candy.

Another highlight of this Bye-bye 2022 : the cult series Caleb’s Daughters passed through the “Netflik” woke sieve so as not to upset anyone (insert here the expressions white privilege, consent, etc.). It was well sent, well acted and well written. And the surprise appearance of the “real” Dosithé Pronovost (Pierre Curzi) and Félicité Pronovost (Véronique Le Flaguais), who chattered about non-binarity, was delightful.

The movie remake Top Conne, featuring vape Sunwing and “rapper” James Awad, was harsh but justified. The parody L’épisserie, with Julie Perreault as Johane Despins and Bruno Blanchet as Denis Gagné, made me laugh out loud. All the blunders of this unlikely duo were encapsulated in seconds.

On the side of less strong times, the sketch on Hockey Canada was first degree and deserved a more scathing text. Finishing a thumbnail on “go shit”, it’s borderline lazy. The end on the tunnel and the minister Geneviève Guilbault was missed. Same thing for monkeypox: cut me that, it’s primary and vulgar.

Also in the trash: canceled flights and lost suitcases at the airport, an agreed and boring thing.

Also, starting the evening with the – very average – sequence on the labor shortage at Patate Bérubé, redone in the style of Laurent Duvernay-Tardif’s milk pubs, was not the idea of ​​the century. It lacked punch.

Always in the radius of predictability, the mess at Passports Canada, where François Bellefeuille rediscovered his bilingual children after this ordeal, could have scratched more.


Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais impersonating Jay Du Temple

Speaking of François Bellefeuille, he was astonishing in Stéphan “déincé” Bureau and his Monde en l’envers at TVA. This portion resulted in excellent imitations of Jay Du Temple (Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and his costumes from Dollarama) and the Mona Lisa smile of Julie Snyder (perfect Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse). Special mentions to comedian David Beaucage and actor Jean-Moïse Martin, who portrayed the toxic candidates ofDouble occupation Isaack Matteau and Philippe Gaudreau.


Patrick Huard playing the taxi driver Rogatien and Julien Corriveau as Pierre Poilievre

Good concept to use taxi driver Rogatien (Patrick Huard) to approach the Ottawa freedom convoy with Rambo Gauthier (unrecognizable Marc-André Grondin) and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre (Julien Corriveau, Appendices).

The appearance of Normand Brathwaite as Gregory Charles, who accompanied Justin Trudeau on his world tour of malaise, was a super nice idea. Just like Normand Brathwaite who shows up in the film A-Vache-Tar and who uses his famous advertising slogans there. Congrats on the crossover.

As a die-hard fan of François Pérusse, I was a little disappointed with the reinterpretation of his classic capsule “T’aime pas ça les clementines? » in « You don’t know Véronique Cloutier? “. As if the usual rhythm of Pérusse and his carabineer humor had not been respected there.


Claude Legault as François Legault in Indélogeable

Claude Legault wowed again as François Legault in the half-successful parody ofIndefensible, which has been renamed Indodgeable. That said, hats off to Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais who played hyper-resembling Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Sébastien Delorme.

Like last year, Guylaine Tremblay brought out her Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge costume, who interrupted Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral speech with an anthology of rambling remarks. Nice flash.

Personally, I would have taken a bigger tip from the Gala Misconduct 2022 sketch, which seemed to be butchered and forcibly inserted into the fake newscast. However, it featured big names like Edgar Fruitier, Philippe Bond, André Boisclair.

This fake news bulletin allowed Patrick Huard to deliver the best imitation of Éric Duhaime so far. The Horne Foundry hired Louis-José Houde as a spokesperson, but the canvas did not live up to the status of the comedian. The Google Black, however, aimed at the center of the target.

The ads that funded this Bye-bye 2022 were not disappointing, it must be emphasized. Mondou and his kittens, Metro and Jean Perron, Bell’s complicated WiFi codes, Tanguay’s coats, Tim Hortons and the return of Pitou and Minou, there was plenty to chew on between two “happy new years” launched on the fly.

Bye-bye 2022 | Very good and a little warmed up