Cars On The Road: Meet the directors of the Pixar short series

Like I Am Groot (here you can find our review of I Am Groot), too Cars On The Road it fits perfectly and intelligently into a very specific niche, that is of those who want a simple afternoon of relaxation and fun without frills. And so, as the world is captured by the resounding success of The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video or the Machiavellian political games of House Of The Dragon (we refer you to our review of House Of The Dragon 1×01), Pixar he decides to churn out what is in effect a small one divertissement summer, whose only purpose is to spend an hour or so with the most harmless of smiles printed on his face. A set of shorts starring Lightning McQueen and Mater which further highlights how much Disney + can change the cards for many productions, as has already happened repeatedly.

We had the immense pleasure of being able to talk about this and much more with series producer Marc Sondheimer and directors Steve Purcell, Brian Fee and Bobby Podestawaiting for that Cars On The Road you land on Disney + on September 8th.

The “miracle” of Disney +

An interview that took place among other things in an atmosphere of relaxation and general good humor, above all thanks to the sympathy of the directors always ready for some pleasant joke – let’s not exaggerate in saying that at least half the time was spent between genuine laughter and hilarious back and forth. And the first theme was precisely the joy of being able to return to work on such projects with a certain continuity and lightheartedness. after two years certainly not easy from this point of view. Indeed, Sondheimer did his utmost to underline that not only in some ways the possibility of these productions was a miracle, but also that series like Cars On The Road they are essential to bring back the smile, to spread a little happiness on as many people as possible.

This is where Disney + comes in, a model openly praised by Podesta: “The point is, until 5-6 years ago, we didn’t have an option like Disney +. There are so many ways to tell stories, we would never have been able to transpose such a series into a movie and having a different platform to explore and exploit is a wonderful blessing for us. The world of Cars has been with us for over a decade and if we can keep it fresh or show the public something they’ve never seen it’s thanks to Disney +“.

Manage inspirations

In short, as for the spin-off of Monsters & Co. last year (here you can find our review of Monsters & Co. Work in progress), Disney + becomes a means by which to try some different road, perhaps even leaving your comfort zone. And indeed Cars On The Road really feels like a hodgepodge of a myriad of different ideas and inspirationswhich would have been either castrated or partially cut into a classic feature film.

A flood of ideas that must also be managed, on pain of losing the identity it has made Cars the great franchise that is now, not an easy task even for those who literally grew up at Pixar working on movies. “Some inspirations were immediate, they fit perfectly, they just seemed like a natural evolution of the franchise and what certain locations could offer. But in general, at least for me, the goal is not so much to make a direct parody of another film or any other work as to shape and use our own sensibility to tell that kind of story in that kind of world. It is more a matter of general mood than of direct comparison, let’s put it this way“, so summed up Steve Purcell. A goal that will have been achieved? To find out, you will only have to wait a few days.

Cars On The Road: Meet the directors of the Pixar short series