“Ciao 2020”, the New Year’s show in Russia that makes fun of Italian TV in the 1980s

An hour of pure madness, neon lights, sequins, double meanings and Eighties inspiration: this is the parody created by the Russian satirical show “Vecherniy Urgant (Evening Urgant)” hosted by the famous TV personality Ivan Urgant. “Hello, 2020”, an unlikely “New Year’s Music Festival” all in Italian – including songs and dialogues – was broadcast on December 30th on the first Russian public TV channel 1 Pervyj Kanal, parodying the Italian TV of the Eighties.

Urgant filmed an introduction to the program, showing himself in the control room and explaining to the public that this year there was not the right climate to shoot the traditional New Year’s episode and that therefore it would go on air in its place to cover the schedule hole “the Italian New Year’s music show entitled ‘Ciao 2020′”.

“Ciao 2020”, the Italian TV parody for the Russian New Year’s show

At that point the scene changed and the audience was catapulted into a television studio which, for its colors and setting, immediately brings to mind those of Italian TV at the turn of the 1960s and 1980s, as well as the characters who animated it. the costumes (including very large collars and plunging necklines), graphics, lyrics and songs.

Ivan Urgant transformed into Giovanni Urganti and conducted the fake Italian show presenting the various musical guests: all very famous Russian singers, who also saw their own “Italianized” name and lent themselves to the grotesque (and already cult) parody performance: for example the Little Big group (which took part in Eurovision) became the Piccolo Grandi band, the rapper Egor Kreed became Giorgio Criddi, the singer and actress Olga Buzona instead played this Ornella Buzzi. Each of the guests performed speaking and singing in a rather macaronic but understandable Italian, between insinuating jokes and fairly pushed puns. The (fake) advertisements were also on topic. Some songs were written in Italian specifically for the event, while others such as “Mamma Maria” by Ricchi e Poveri were interpreted by the “Piccolo Grandi” in a techno version.

The show lineup:

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Giovanni Urganti and Tutti Frutti – Five minutes
05:11 NILETTO NILETTI and Claudia Cocca – Crush
07:22 Alessandro Pallini
08:57 JONY – The Comet
12:34 Ornella Buzzi
13:22 ARTI and ASTI – Little girl is dancing
17:43 Milanka and Chubby Gerolomo
18:28 CREAM DE LA SODA – I cry to the techno
20:54 Gigi
23:05 La Dora – In love
25:43 Advertising
27:25 Nicola Bascha with Danielle Milocchi – La Baldoria
30:03 Giorgio Criddi – Cover Girl
31:41 Actresses of the film “Quatro putane”
34:16 Giovanni Dorni – Cicchi
36:28 Ida Galicci
37:02 Julia Ziverti – I think
39:35 Enrico Carlacci
41:01 Little Big – Mom Maria
46:55 Goofy the Second
49:47 La Soldinetta, Vittorio Isaia and Giovanni Urganti – I asked the ash tree

“Ciao 2020”, the New Year’s show in Russia that makes fun of Italian TV in the 1980s