Ciao 2020 !, the Russian late show that parodies Italian TV

Hello 2020 !. Like this Evening Urgantthe satirical late show of Russian Channel One (1tv, Pervyy kanal, the most popular channel in Russia and the longest-running) has chosen to say goodbye to 2020, or rather with a music show inspired by Italian TV … or rather, Italian TV from the 1980s. Aired on the evening of 30 December 2020, at 11.30 pm, the program played on the stylistic features of the musical shows dear to us and packaged an entire hour-long episode built as an ideal New Year’s show typical of the boot (with lots of of advertising). And on closer inspection …

Presented as a New Year’s Music Festival, complete with initials in Italian, fake Italian conductor (Giovanni Urganti, or Ivan Urgant, face of the show), a cast that seems to have come out of a nightmare before the Fall of the Berlin Wall – but also by certain contemporary local TV show with a few less backcombing and strapless by Grace Jones) offered a repertoire of songs that would be the envy of a Sanremo of the time (and perhaps even today). Most of the songs that are really hits at home, but here rearranged in Italian sauce and with texts translated into the language: here, for example, Girl dance by Artik & Astiwhich on the show becomes Little girl is dancing and is sung by Arti and Asti or again Crying Techno of Cream Soda & Bread that becomes I cry at the Tecno of the Cream of Soda; but it’s on I asked the ash tree (which would actually be ‘I asked for the ashes‘) that reach very high peaks. But the whole show is made entirely in Italian. A pearl.

“The Evening Urgant team has decided not to shoot a special New Year issue, but to broadcast an Italian music show, very similar to a Russian show”

we read in the presentation of the special, which is basically a ‘tribute’ to Italy represented in the culmination of its clichés – as they have been nurtured over the decades by ourselves and by export products – and a criticism (we imagine) of Russian show-biz, which apparently would have remained anchored to a TV model of Italy 40 years ago. And the ad that launches New Year’s Eve 1984 on Drive In TV seems to be an evident source of inspiration … Not that there has evolved so much in these parts, at least in the ‘core’ of the offer (and in some cases of the writing ) television.

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Posted by ALL SPOT 80 on Thursday, December 31, 2020

The aesthetics of the program, however, does not disdain home stereotypes beyond the Italian ones of the 80s and draws heavily from a way of doing costume satire that personally reminded me Little Bigwhich in Italy we had the pleasure of meeting thanks to the (albeit fleeting) appearance at theEurovision Song Contest 2020 (in special format) with his own One. And that obviously is not lacking here (Piccolo Grandi), with a tribute to the Rich and the Poor in a version of Mother Mary definitely his. And it should be added that Little Big is one who, in his homeland, does not send them to say.

In any case this Hello, 2020! it presents itself as a middle ground between pure genius and an opportunity to break diplomatic relations with Putin’s Russia. Seriously, here there is absolute genius and certainly an extraordinary commitment in writing (with us increasingly rare) and in production. Not to mention that it is all written in a foreign language.

Hello 2020

And then seeing each other from time to time through the eyes of others can help, especially at the beginning of the year. Best wishes.

Ciao 2020 !, the Russian late show that parodies Italian TV