Ciao 2021 !, the New Year’s Eve show between Russia and Italy in the 80s is back

UPDATE January 1, 2022 – Hello 2021! it has just finished and it can be said that it has given away several pearls. More than last year, it was the interludes to the musical pieces that gave some unexpected moments, from the revolt in the valley that seems to rebel against the sexist harassment of colleagues to the two minutes spent in silence waiting for a needle printer to produce an image of Damiano by Maneskin (the Russian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the universe of Giovanni Urganti), from the parody of Squid game with Pinocchio serial eliminator al deep fake by Putin and his speech to the Italians that closes the episode. The game remains that of Italian stereotypes (spaghetti, Asti spumante, women, pizza, Rai 1, Sanremo, fiction & Mafia – with a tribute to Cattani de La Piovra) and it is also a way to see ourselves in a mirror, yes deformed but in fund not so far from reality for certain ways of telling us that will no longer be those of the 80s, but which in many elements resist time. Aesthetics Drive In the common thread remains and the packaging, including sets, costumes and make-up, is confirmed to be of a high level. The feeling is that he has pushed further on the pedal of the Italian stereotype, now aware of the success achieved in the boot.

The really interesting element remains the texts: a show entirely in Italian, moreover excellently pronounced by Urgant and his team, and the work done on the adaptation of the lyrics in Italian is truly remarkable. Not a simple translation, but a full adaptation in cultural references, even in stereotypes of course, but in fact a coherent rewriting. When it is said to have authors.

Another surprise, the ‘appearances’ of ‘ordinary Italians’ who enjoyed the show. Between them Al Bano, Toto Cutugno, the Rich and the Poor and also appears Fedez, he is truly unexpected in the poker of ‘Italian glories’ summoned for a cameo. In closing, a song hopes to be able to bring his voice to the Festival and Giovanni Urganti greets the audience with a “See you in Sanremo!”. Is it really time for a crossover? Do not deceive us …

Hello 2021 !, the New Year’s show made in Russia is back, parodying Italy in the 80s

From Russia with love: Evening Urgant has already registered Hello 2021!new edition of the New Year’s Eve show in the style of Italy from the 80s dusted with Soviet Russia which last year gave great satisfaction and has become a small cult even for us (at least for those with a sense of humor and self-irony).

For those who, incredibly, still did not know Hello 2020 was the best thing that last year brought us. The New Year’s special created by the team of the satirical show Evening Urgant, broadcast in the second evening of the First Russian Channel (1tv, Pervyy kanal in the original language), gave an atmosphere of pure ’80s trash in the style of management and in the aesthetics of the program that combined Made in Italy styles with a lot of atmosphere of still Soviet Russia, a lover of Italian music by Al Bano and Romina, by Pupo, by Toto Cutugno. A musical show which offered a playlist of contemporary songs from the Russian charts arranged in the melodic key typical of popular eighies music in Italy. All made in Italian, a language that the landlord, Ivan Urgant, has shown he knows how to use: his Giovanni Urganti has created, with his authors, a setlist and a program entirely in a macaronic version of Dante’s language, the which made the New Year’s show quickly viral here too.

Hello 2021, when it airs

But let’s get to this new edition: the New Year’s Eve 2021 show was recorded between 4 and 9 December, demonstrating the commitment necessary to prepare and record the various performances to collect 50 ‘of episode. Hello 2021! goes on the air on 1 January 2022 on the First Channel at 10.30 pm local time (le 20.30 in Italyas also indicated by the official profile of the program, now aware of the success it also has with us).

Hello 2021 !, listen

Last year the program recorded 6.8 million views on the program’s official YouTube channel and on the Primo Canale website, one million of which coming from Italy. And the Twitter results of 2022 make us understand the reception of the show in our country.

Hello 2021 !, songs and singers: previews

Ready for a new batch of cult to sing? Guests will be My Michela & Eva Pollini, Dario Giaracci, Bionda Morta, Valerio Leonci, Manigi, Vasco Vaculecci and Gaga Rini, Giovanni Demetrio, Galibri and Mavini, Habibi, Vincenzo Marlini, Amore, La Boda, Lucia Ciabatta and Giildi Galcini , Sergio Brunello, Valentino Gallo known as Wylsakom, The Master, Lola, Anna and Anatolio Zozzi, Valerio Melazzi.

In our dedicated article on Soundsblog you will find the list of singers and original songs that will be performed in the special.

Waiting to hear the new 80s-style arrangements, let’s listen to one of the most loved last year, “Piango al Tecno” (Crying Techno, by Cream Soda & Хлеб].

Hello 2021 !, where to see it: streaming

Like last year, Hello 2021! will be available streaming on the Youtube page of the Russian late show Evening Urgant. You can still review Ciao 2020!: we recommend it to get in the mood.

Ciao 2021 !, the New Year’s Eve show between Russia and Italy in the 80s is back