Cinema releases of November 9: Black Panther 2, Armageddon Time…

What are the cinema releases for the week of November 9? Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Armageddon Time, Three nights a week, Pacifiction – Torment on the Islands

Don’t know what to see at the cinema yet? You hesitate and you want to have some elements and opinions to decide? You have no idea what’s going on in the movie news because Netflix is ​​a black hole that sucks your soul out every night?

Each week, Large Screen summarizes important and/or interesting releases, with a quick review. On the program this November 9: the return of Marvel with Black Panther 2the return of the demigod James Gray, Benoit Magimel in full hallucination, or even a story of love and drag queen.

“It was better in my time”



Duration: 2h47

What is it about
: Wakanda must deal with the disappearance of T’Challa and the Black Panther as new threats loom over the country.

Why you have to see it : Because Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had everything to wreck after the death of Chadwick Boseman, but that the film manages to manage this loss cleverly. In addition to giving weight to the themes taken from the first film, this sequel has opted for a more meta approach that confuses the homage to T’Challa and his interpreter with a delicacy that Marvel hadn’t really accustomed us to (especially after Thor 4).

If the scenario is very dense and the political stakes are basically the same as in the first Black Panther, the story gains momentum with a Wakanda that is less difficult to believe in danger and more spectacular confrontations (the visual effects not being perfect, but much better than in the previous part).

The Widescreen note : 3/5

Our written review of Black Panther 2

Armageddon Time

Duration: 1h55

What is it about : The story of a young boy from Queens in 80s New York.

Why you have to see it : Quite simply because it’s the new film by James Gray and yet another marvel in his filmography. After having explored the Amazon and space, the filmmaker returns to his first love and his city of heart by directing a very personal drama in New York. A semi-autobiographical work, a very trendy genre in Hollywood in recent years between Rome by Alfonso Cuarón, Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson, Belfast by Kenneth Branagh or soon The Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg, in which James Gray deploys a heartbreaking sensitivity.

Armageddon Time is indeed a wonderful drama for children. Their credulity faces the gravity and maturity of the ruthless adult world that surrounds them between class struggle, racism, anti-Semitism, privileges… James Gray thus studies the American society of the time with a certain guilt, examining his own complicity in the inequalities experienced by his young African-American friend. Thanks to its intelligent writing, Armageddon Time overwhelms with its accuracy and lack of pathos, creating a deluge of discreet emotions (a rocket scene that will provoke many sobs).

The Widescreen note : 4/5


Duration: 2h45

What is it about : In Tahiti, a representative of the French State in Polynesia takes the pulse of the local population as a rumor of a resumption of nuclear testing is increasingly insistent.

Why you have to see it : Connoisseurs know that the cinema ofAlbert Serra is carried by a unique atmosphere, far from the shackles of mainstream cinema. Unsurprisingly, his new film Pacifiction – Torment on the Isless is a real experiencecompletely unique proposal of 2h45 (an incredible duration) where Albert Serra plunges us into a delirious thriller, as stoned as it is paranoid.

The result is a feature film mocking the banality of human exchanges in the heart of an isolated paradise, completely abandoned by a French state, a distant resigner with incompatible designs with premises it does not understand. And if the locals are totally out of step, preoccupied with other interests, living at a different pace… in the middle of all this, the High Commissioner, played by the demented Benoît Magimel, tries to unravel the mystery, to restore a form of truth, while plunging madly into a system that completely escapes him.

Suffice to say that the story is very evasive and will lose more than one, but pacification worth watching, especially given its visionary subject matter about the place of nuclear danger in our lives.

The Widescreen note : 4/5

three nights a week

Duration: 1h43

What is it about : A photographer in his spare time, Baptiste accidentally discovers the world of drag queens. Fascinated by Quentin alias Cookie Kunty, he decides to follow her in her shows, her preparations, her intimate life…

Why you have to see it : The phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race been there, and so much the better. In the space of a few years, drag has gone from 100% queer culture to 100% cool culture for part of the general public, and Three nights a week is one of the proofs. With a very simple approach (a man discovers the world of drag queens, and thus takes the neophyte public with him), the director and screenwriter Florent Gouëlou thus opens a small, but beautiful door.

On the tails side, it’s a love story, a little too fast to really work (especially at the end, with a sentimental flight that denotes). On the face side, it is a much more interesting and fine reflection on duality. Can Quentin live without Cookie? Does Baptiste fall in love with Quentin or Cookie? How can four lives (Baptiste in a relationship with Samia, Baptiste in love with Quentin, and Quentin who also exists in Cookie) collide without creating chaos?

With this rich theme, and thanks to some very beautiful scenes (in private as well as in the show), Three nights a week succeeds in his bet. And after BrosHollywood version of the classic rom com, it’s not so trivial.

The Widescreen note : 3/5


It happened close to you

Duration: 1h36 – Released: 1992

It happened near you: photo, Benoît Poelvoordeborn killer

What is it about : Of the daily life of Ben, a methodical serial killer, and of the television crew which shoots a report on him.

Why you have to see it : To understand your friends who regularly launch “Are you making me a little Gregory?” or some “Come back kid, it was for fun!”. You will then realize that these delicious lines do not come from a French comedy with several thousand tickets sold and overpaid headliners, but froma little parody broke in black and whitewith far too dark humor for a first part of the evening on TF1.

This is to say the feat of the feature film by Remy Belvaux, André Bonzel and Benoit Poelvoordewhich has unexpectedly become both a monument of raucous counter-culture (the way in which Ben has integrated into the contemporary world sends shivers down your spine) and a cornerstone of Franco-Belgian popular culture, even if it means causing discomfort to anyone who plunges into it in ignorance of the cause. It might happen to you, and it’s definitely happened near you.

The Widescreen Note : 4/5

Several films by louis malle

Duration: from 1h30 to 2h02 – Outings: from 1958 to 1971

Elevator for the scaffold: photo, Maurice RonetOnly Malle suits me

What is it about : Of lovers, thieves, scaffolds and characters in rebellion

Why you have to see it : Because in the eyes of the general public, the work of Malle is often overshadowed by that of the stars of the New Wave. Fortunately, this retrospective, rightly subtitled “Provocative Gentleman”not only allows you to (re)discover his most famous films, such as Elevator to the Gallows Where The loversthe two classics of his debut, but also to explore later, more confidential and hugely entertaining tracks from his career.

Outraged Long live Maria!light western, but a bit inconsistent, the very beautiful The wisp and his sick melancholy is already under the direct influence of the personality of the filmmaker, an insolent artist emancipated from his bourgeois family. But it’s good in the geniuses Thief and The breath in the heart that he best expresses his position, by destroying from the inside this small worldly universe that he obviously despises, via the not so innocuous lightness of the burglary or a few incestuous vices. An agitator, a real one!

The Widescreen Note : From 3 (for Long live Maria!) to 4.5 (for many others)/5

Cinema releases of November 9: Black Panther 2, Armageddon Time…