“CNews, New Year’s Eve continuously, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day”: Bertrand Chameroy’s new tackle at CNews in his “exceptional ABC”

Pascal Praud of Cnews and Bertrand Chameroy Screenshot

VIDEO – Through an unpublished sketch, the columnist was able to compare the broadcasts of the channel to shouting matches during Christmas dinners … Except that the latter do not last all year.

Anne-Elisabeth and the whole team of “C à vous” hadn’t stopped announcing it for a few days. Bertrand Chameroy finds himself alone on the set of the program broadcast on France 5, allegedly forgotten by Babeth who has gone on vacation for the holidays. The columnist would therefore have taken the opportunity to prepare an exceptional ABC. Accustomed to occupying ten minutes a day with this section, the host has an hour there, his own guests (including Fred Testot, Michèle Laroque or even Émilie Tran Nguyen) and he intends to do what he pleases . “Tonight I do whatever I want”, he says at the start of the show. And it is with the complicity of comedian Bérengère Krief that he will achieve his ends.

Between a compilation of the mumbles of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, a head guess, the recovery of a scene from Love Actually by Michèle Laroque or even the parody of an advertisement for a slimming program brand, Bertrand Chameroy manages to slip a small tackle on the chain CNews, who seems to be a favorite talk show target in recent weeks. Put in context. The presenter is seated accompanied by all his guests. The sequence equating the team’s spluttering with alcohol abuse has just ended and Bertrand Chameroy suddenly adopts a much more serious tone, explaining that he has a thought for the people who, during this festive period, are alone.

“This time of year that rhymes with loneliness for these people”, he underlines before launching a sequence. On the title All by myself by Céline Dion, Bérengère Krief appears in pajamas sitting on her sofa in front of the TV, her dog on her knees, and a glass of red wine in her hand. Looking depressed, she pretends to sing loudly as Renée Zellweger did in 2001 in the film Bridget Jones’s Diary.

“There is a solution”

The music drops and a voiceover takes over. “Are you alone for the holidays? Nobody wants you to share the viennetta? You don’t have a family? No friends ? Just your dog?”, asks the dramatic voice of a man. Halfway between annoyance and sadness, the comedian nods while recalling that the situation is humiliating. The voiceover then goes on to ask him: “Do you want to find the atmosphere of a family meal at home?” Hearing this promise, Bérengère Krief perked up on her sofa before even hearing the rest. “With people yelling at each other for no reason talking about political subjects that they don’t necessarily master”, he adds. This announcement, although divisive, seems to suit her and she approves of it in full.

There is a solution…“, he teases. And this remedy seems to bear the name of CNews and more particularly the program “L’heure des pros” by Pascal Praud. Indeed, a television appears on the screen, tuned to the channel, where we see the presenter getting angry on the subject of the Vaccination Pass in the face of a guest trying to make him listen to reason. “But they are crazy, they are crazy”, he shouts. The voice takes over, announcing: “CNews, New Year’s Eve continuously. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day». Bérengère Krief, still in her role as “Bridget Jones” version 2.0, responds to her television with the same enthusiasm. Back on the France 5 set with Bertrand Chameroy as host. “Think about it, think about it”he advises with a serious air to the viewers alone and in search of altercations.

“CNews, New Year’s Eve continuously, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day”: Bertrand Chameroy’s new tackle at CNews in his “exceptional ABC”