Comicon Napoli 2023, here is the official poster. Ticket sales open

COMICON 2023 will take place in Naples from 28 April to 1 May for the XXIII edition and, for the first time, from 23 to 25 June in Bergamo. From today the sale of tickets for Naples is open.

It will be a year full of news for COMICON – International Pop Culture Festival which will take place in Naples from 28 April to 1 May for the XXIII edition and, for the first time, from 23 to 25 June in Bergamo, a city that with Brescia is the “Italian Capital of Culture 2023”where COMICON Bergamo is already part of the official schedule.
From today the road to COMICON officially begins with theopening of the ticket office for the Naples edition on the brand new site and the first two anticipated announcements: Mirka Andolfo and Giorgio Cavazzano are respectively the poster artist and the Magister of COMICON 2023, Naples and Bergamo. Two internationally renowned artists, with an extraordinary talent that COMICON is proud to have in the team.
Cartoonist and writer, winner of the prestigious Harvey Award, published in 28 countries with assets of 850,000 copies sold for his series Sacred/Profane, Against Nature, Mercy and Sweet Paprika, Mirka Andolfo has created not only the COMICON Napoli poster, but also the COMICON Bergamo poster which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.
The prestigious and by now traditional role of Magister this year is entrusted to Giorgio Cavazzano, one of the most famous and innovative cartoonists in the world, translated all over the world for his masterpieces linked to the Disney universe but also known for humorous series such as Altai & Jonson, created with Tiziano Sclavi. Cavazzano will be the protagonist of personal exhibition Cavazzano Galaxy. The elastic worlds of Giorgio Cavazzano, which traces his career as an eclectic creator of universes poised between realism and plastic deformation, with original plates, advertising materials, unpublished works, objects, drawings and photographs. As always, the COMICON Magister will curate a series of cultural activities within the festival programme.

Suspended between space acrobatics, interdimensional passages and wacky fluid-shaped aliens, the image of COMICON Napoli 2023 stages the cheerful circus energy of a future to be discovered. At the center of the poster is a girl who, like COMICON, explore new worlds with the playful attitude of a trapeze artist. Clutching a hula hoop that looks like an interdimensional portal, the explorer appears to be walking in and out of a topsy-turvy futuristic city. And around her, coming from one of these dimensions, we see gods spreading in the environment fluttering little blob aliensi, very kawaii – for the designer Mirka Andolfo, they are her “little alien monsters” – who admire the explorer and the marvels that the portal offers glimpses of other worlds. The image of COMICON 2023, for the first time in the history of the festival, will develop the artist’s creativity in a real diptych, made up of the posters of the Naples and Bergamo editions.Comicon Napoli 2023, here is the official poster.  Ticket sales open

Illustrating the COMICON poster is both a great honor and a great burden. As a Neapolitan, COMICON was the first festival that I loved, first as an aspirant and then as a professional, and the bond I have with this event, the affection I have for the event and for the people who carry it forward, is truly important. On the other hand, COMICON is one of the great European entertainment events, and the responsibility of illustrating its manifesto is something unspeakable” – said Mirka Andolfo – “The basic idea was to represent the great variety of worlds (all to be discovered) that find space in the universe-festival, and at the same time to underline that playful and pop mood that well describes what COMICON is (and which marries, I admit, very well with the aesthetics of my work).

Mirka Andolfo (Naples, 1989) is an Italian artist and writer, published in over 28 countries worldwide, and Art Director of Arancia Studio. The original productions of her as sole author SACRED/PROFANE, CONTRONATION, MERCY And SWEET PAPRIKA are among the most successful comic series of recent years in Italy and in the world, with over 850,000 copies sold. He has been collaborating since 2015 with the American publisher DC Comics, for which he has illustrated leading titles such as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Teen Titans, Bombshells, Green Arrow, RWBY, Punchline and the recent crossover superman vs. Lobe. In 2016 you drew some episodes of Ms Marvel for Marvel Comics, in which he graphically created Red Dagger, a character later played on the small screen by Aramis Knight in the TV series produced by Marvel Studios. In 2020 she was the first Italian artist to work as sole author for DC Comics, writing and drawing an adventure for the anthology Harley QuinnBlack+White+Redrepeated experience at the end of 2022 with DC vs. Vampires: All Out War. In 2021 he created, together with David Goy, the sci-fi maxiserie Deep Beyond for Image Comics, former American publisher of several of his original works. He wrote and/or drew adventures for Marvel (Women of Marvel), BOOM! Studios (Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, The Amazing World of Gumball), dynamite (Red Sonja, Red Sitha), The Walt Disney Company (Daisy and the mysteries of Paris) and Éditions Glénat (The Chronicles of Under York). She has to her credit the COMICON / Micheluzzi Award as best designer, a “Wow! Italian excellence in the world” and the recent and prestigious Harvey Awards for the best international comic, won in 2022 thanks to SWEET PAPRIKA. As an illustrator she has contributed to marketing and advertising campaigns for various companies, including Sky, Paramount, 20th Century Studios, Netflix, Celsys and Juventus.

Born in Venice in 1947, Giorgio Cavazzano, while still a teenager, went “to the workshop” of the illustrator Romano Scarpa, and from 1962 he became his trusted inker. It was 1967 when he made his debut as a cartoonist on Mickey Mouse with Donald Duck and the hammer hiccups. He soon developed an increasingly personal style that would lead him to conquer readers and to draw a watershed line with the traditional aesthetics of mice and ducks. Between the seventies and eighties he gives life to characters that have become cult like Walkie & Talkie, Oscar and Tango, Smalto & Johnny, Timoty Titan and Captain Rogers. Together with Tiziano Sclavi, creator of Dylan Dog, he draws the saga Altai & Jonson, an original police parody that has become a classic of Italian comics. Also important is his collaboration with Bonvi, the brilliant creator of the Sturmtruppen, with whom he created the imaginative Maledetta galaxy and La Città. The relationship with the Disney universe has been consolidating over time, making him one of the most requested and translated designers in the world: he has graphically created many iconic characters, from Reginella and Umperio Bogarto, from Ok Quack to Rock Sassi up to Vincenzo Paperica; since 1981 he has created Disney stories and covers for the French magazines Journal de Mickey, Mickey Parade, Super Picsou Géant and since 1994 for the Scandinavian publishing house Egmont and for the United States. Countless masterpieces of Disney comics signed by him, including the unforgettable parodies dedicated to great cinema such as Casablanca, La Strada, The true story of the twentieth century and the tribute to Hugo Pratt Maltese Mouse – A salt mouse ballad. In 2003 he drew The Secret of Glass, the first Spider-Man story entirely created by Italian authors, set in Venice; the city gives him the honor of entrusting him with the image of the Carnival of Venice in 2014 and 2015. Among his works, we also remember many interventions in the advertising field (Abacus, Eldorado, Fiat and Xerox) at the origin of campaigns that have become iconic, like those made over twenty years for the Cucciolone ice cream. He also made the illustrations for a special record of the singer Mina.

Master of European humorous drawing and legendary signature of international Disney comics, Giorgio Cavazzano has marked generations of readers by accompanying them between the most diverse worlds and genres, and interpreting with his peculiar “elastic” style characters such as Mickey Mouse and Uncle Scrooge, Spider-Man and Corto Maltese, iconic brands of Italian history such as Cucciolone, Kinder Sorpresa and Burghy, or the creations of Federico Fellini, Mina, Alessandro Baricco, Aki Kaurismaki, Bonvi, Alan Moore, Milton Caniff, Carl Barks. Author Magister of COMICON 2023, Cavazzano is at the center of a personal exhibition, which traces his career as an eclectic creator of universes poised between realism and plastic deformation, with original tables, advertising materials, unpublished works, objects, drawings and photographs.

From this year tickets for COMICON (Naples and Bergamo) will be available for purchase directly on, the new COMICON site that offers the visitor an entirely renewed, efficient and immersive digital experience, which encompasses the entire COMICON universe in a single hub: not only the ticket office and the programs of Naples and Bergamo, but also a space quickly usable and intuitive for exhibitors and festival partners, as well as a place to talk about the exhibitions and activities organized by COMICON throughout the year. A renewed e-commerce platform dedicated to COMICON Edizioni publications and festival merchandising is also arriving in the coming days.

Costs Tickets COMICON Naples 2023
Daily admission 28 April: €12.00
Daily admission from 29 April to 1 May: €15.00
4-day pass: €35.00
Daily reduced 28 April: €8.00
Reduced daily from 29 April to 1 May: €11.00
School groups: €6.00


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Comicon Napoli 2023, here is the official poster. Ticket sales open