Creustel: the parodies of cult coronavirus

A couple of actors parodies famous feature films in “coronavirus” mode and it’s very funny!

Confinement, week 4. We have to find new occupations and it’s true that we spend more and more time scrolling (scrolling through our news feeds) on social networks in search of new content. And if it is difficult to get out of the news, we can always laugh about it. This is the bet of the French actor couple Marion Cresvaux and Julien Pestel who delight us every day with their parodies of containment and coronavirus-style films. A project that made us laugh a lot and that we therefore share with you.

Marion Cresvaux and Julien Pestel, the duo behind Creustel

Parodies of cult films in coronavirus and containment mode

It all started on March 18, 2020 with a parody of the Godfather 2 where Diane Keaton and Al Pacino argue about that “little flu” that keeps them out, the coronavirus. This excerpt, posted on Instagram, now has 186,000 views and marked the start of a series of parodies of cult films. Behind this idea, Marion Cresvaux and Julien Pestel, actors and authors.

The two French, confined themselves, therefore revisit excerpts from successful films like Thesilenceofthelambs, A Star is Born Where Impossible mission with voiceovers on the subject of the coronavirus, containment measures and other current topics related to the epidemic. Their goal: to release one video per day for the duration of the confinement. Twenty videos are already available on their Instagram account @creustel