Cut! : Michel Hazanavicius’ gore and fun zombie parody

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With Cut!, Michel Hazanavicius returns to his first love after changing register with The Search, The Redoubtable and The Forgotten Prince. We find the madness, the tone and the impertinence of The American Class or the first two OSS 117 in a film that only looks tinkered with, so much we can guess the amount of work that was necessary to set up this crazy adventure of filming Z series in real time.

Actors in top form, flawless production and a well-thought-out adaptation make this remake of Don’t Cut! a success. However, we would have preferred that the director appropriates even more the film of which he canned the copy (a little too consistent) to do something new. No doubt that Cut! will be more appreciated by those who have not seen the film from which it is adapted, but as it stands, this remake remains devilishly effective.

A French comedy that stands out

It is difficult to talk about the history of Cut! without spoiling the surprise. So just know that this is the story of a broke zombie movie set gone wrong, and it doesn’t take long for things to turn burlesque.

Michel Hazanavicius

Driven by the excellent Romain Duris, Berenice Bejo, Finnegan Oldfield, Raphael Quenard, Matilda Lutz and Jean-Pascal Zadi, Cut! has a particular rhythm that may destabilize some.

But once the first 30 minutes of the film have passed, which are presented as a parody of a very bad horror film mixed with gory effects cobbled together with the means at hand, everything takes shape and that’s where it all really begins, for follow each other at a frantic pace until the end credits.

Michel Hazanavicius

We laugh a lot, and we quickly find ourselves immersed in this crazy adventure lived by a band of broken arms who try to sublimate themselves despite the vagaries of a nightmarish filming.

Michel Hazanavicius

Connoisseurs of deviant cinema will inevitably think of the crème de la crème of French directors of Z series such as Norbert Moutier (Mad Mutilator, Dinosaur From The Deep…) or Richard J Thomson (Time Demon, Jurassic Trash) some of whose filming probably had to take place with the same frenzy and above all the same hazards.

Michel Hazanavicius

Déjà vu

Only downside: Cut! suffers from its remake status. Almost identical copy of the excellent Don’t Cut! of Shin’ichirō Ueda (released in French cinemas in 2019 and available on the French Svod platform FILMO) the film by Michel Hazanavicius is too often satisfied with reproducing his model down to the exact plan. With the exception of the joke which consists in having kept the Japanese names of the characters to create a discrepancy, this remake innovates very little. So much so that those who have seen the original are likely to find the time long or to watch for surprises that will never happen.

Michel Hazanavicius

But although we would have preferred that Michel Hazanavicius make this remake something more personal, let’s recognize that we don’t hide our pleasure from seeing Cut! and that we recommend to all those who have not seen Don’t Cut! to throw yourself into the nearest cinema to discover a real-fake zombie film canned by the always excellent director of The Artist.

Michel Hazanavicius

Michel Hazanavicius

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Cut! : Michel Hazanavicius’ gore and fun zombie parody – our review