Disney +: the five new nuggets not to be missed in November

After Halloween, the approach of Christmas is felt even in the program of the streaming platform with big ears.

Fall isn’t even over and the pumpkins have only made their debut for Halloween that Disney+ is already switching to the winter breeze. Exit Hocus Pocus and other good October productions. The month of November on the platform already promises to immerse us in the magic (whether Christmas or not), among other films and series with a cheerful tone.

This busy schedule above all promises its share of guaranteed nostalgia. Disney teams are taking advantage of the success of their streaming offer to expand and continue their successful universes. Subscribers will therefore be able to find license suites or spin-offs that are already well established. Even on the side of acquisitions of less recent works, the platform digs into worship without moderation.

Zootopia+ (November 9)

The animals of Zootopia were talked about in 2016 with an animated feature film like no other. Through the story of Judy Hopps, a young rabbit promoted to police in the biggest animal city, and Nick Wilde, a not-so-legal clever fox, Disney has shown us a subtle social metaphor tackling such serious themes as racism. This universe is making a comeback in a series of short films giving their moment of glory to adorable secondary characters who we have already come across. One way to Zootopia on November 9th.

Credits: Disney+

Our Happy Days (November 11)

Far from being a new production, we had to include this French classic which is joining the Disney+ catalog next month. The 2006 film worn by Omar Sy, Marilou Berry, Joséphine de Meaux and Jean-Paul Rouve, among others, will be like a ray of sunshine at this time of low temperatures. Vincent Rousseau discovers the joys and misfortunes of being a summer camp host in a cult comedy that never fails to make you laugh every time you watch it.

Super Christmas, the series (November 16)

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas before time on Disney+ with a series that will delight aficionados of festive films. Great Christmas, a great classic of the end of the year celebrations will also have the right to its sequel in an exclusive series. Tim Allen puts on his Santa Claus boots to play Scott Calvin, who is now 65 years old. Realizing that he will not be able to ensure his annual round of gifts all his life, he goes in search of his successor.

Once Upon a Time 2 (November 18)

Princess Giselle and Robert the New Yorker return fifteen years after their first film to give their news. True self-assumed parody of the princess cartoons signed Walt Disney, Once upon a time made the price of mixing live and animated shots, like the firm’s great success like Mary Poppins or Roger Rabbit. The two lovers lived happily, but in the real world not everything is so simple. Their new adventures as the young Morgan approaches adulthood promise a wonderful spectacle to discover with the family.

Willow (November 30)

We are not talking here about the cult fantasy film of 1988, but about the series that will follow it. It is yet another work that Disney+ is reviving years later, 34 years later in this case. After House of the Dragon and Rings of Power, Willow will surely satisfy spectators deprived of fantasy stories. In the casting, we obviously find Warwick Davis who played the young Willow in the original footage. He will serve this time as a mentor to a whole new group of characters that we can’t wait to discover.

Disney +: the five new nuggets not to be missed in November