Drag queen in the parish theater, director of religion teacher

Turin at the forefront of promoting the LGBT agenda: in the parish theater of Vinovo it goes on stage Sister tac, parody of the famous film starring a drag queen in nun’s clothes. Directed by the professor of Religion and former seminarian. The parish priest apologizes: “A provocation, I didn’t watch out.” Meanwhile, parodying holy orders, he puts an extra brick in the new rainbow church.

Drag queen in the parish theater, director of religion teacher and former seminarian. The diocesan square of Turin confirms itself at the forefront in promoting the LGBT agenda within the Church. Appointment in Vinovo on November 25 with a show not to be missed, called Sister Tacsubtitle: a drag queen in a nun’s dress.

The text, written by Stefano Bordieritraces in all respects the plot of the famous film Sister Act (1992) played by Woopi Goldberg, except that the singer who takes refuge in a convent to escape his tormentors is not a “nutty” singer, but a drag queen, called Sara C ‘Nesca. Curious name, which is, not surprisingly, the name of a drag queen which performs in Turin.

Just as the location is curious. The Vinovo theater is owned by the parish of San Bartolomeo Apostolo. «The theater belongs to the parish, but the billboard belongs to the Municipality – Giovanni Olivero, the head of the auditorium, who answers the number of the rectory, cuts short. And we have a special agreement with the Municipality. So you have to hear them ».

But what does the parish priest think? Don Enrico Perucca makes himself available to talk to us at the end of the day, but on the phone his reaction is one of bitterness and calm: “The Municipality has an agreement for about twenty shows a year – he explains – I learned from one of his journalist colleagues about this thing, I must admit that I didn’t know anything about it ».

But how do you judge the show that will be made? Let’s ask. «Well… how would you judge him?». Let’s try to hazard an answer. “Here – he continues – I believe that inappropriate and provocative could be the right adjectives.” It is useful to remember for those who do not know that one drag queen is the name given to a homosexual or transsexual male artist who performs in variety shows, flashy lights, flashy tricks for an ostentation of a most often parodic femininity.

We insist on asking if we will proceed to ask the Municipality or the director to suspend it. “I wouldn’t want it to be too publicized, certainly after the show I think I’ll make myself heard.” Okay, but first? “What do you want, it is my responsibility, obviously I have not watched …, I’m sorry.” Yet, the parish is also thanked in the manifesto of the show that is running on social media these days.

We ask for information on the director. Is it true that he is a religion teacher? “Yes, Stefano Bordieri now teaches religion elsewhere, but he too has taught in Vinovo in recent years”. And if it is true that he was also a seminarian: “You are informed eh …”.

In conclusion: the initiative, far from being a harmless theatrical performance, is instead yet another attempt to clear homosexuality within the Church, using its structures and parodying the sacred orders, which – we can bet without having seen the show – are painted as rigid, but which thanks to the presence of the transsexual melt. Then all the psalms end in glory since, if the show is the slavish repetition of the film, the choir ends up singing in front of the Pope.

So, summing up to the bone: everything is manfrina to make a drag queen sing in front of the Pope. Which then, on closer inspection, reality surpasses the imagination given that Pope Francis, transsexuals already have them beautiful that he met.

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Drag queen in the parish theater, director of religion teacher