Dujardin and James Bond Parody / EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The direction of the new comic-spy adventure by Jean Dujardin (OSS 117: ALERTE ROUGE EN AFRIQUE NOIRE), already presented in Cannes, is entrusted, after two episodes signed by Michel Hazanavicius, to a festival author like Nicolas Bedos, who is much applauded here. two years ago for “Belle epoque”.
Bedos had the sensibility not to stray too far from the original model, making Jean Dujardin a Belmondo of the 2000s, self-deprecating enough and capable of exploiting his international popularity, so much so that the title for American distribution will be “From Africa With Love “(in Italy ‘Special Agent 117 at the service of the Republic – Red alert in black Africa’). An explicit homage to the James Bond saga of the first way.
Dujardin vs Connery? Somehow yes, so much so that the temporal location of the mission impossible of OSS 117, alias Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, is located in Kenya in 1981, when the continent is prey to new nationalistic ferments and “whites” are seen as smoke in the eyes, while they still believe they are the heirs of the colonialism of yesteryear. To update the script, Bedos joins his swashbuckling hero with a freshman just promoted with the theme song OSS 1001 (the actor is called Pierre Niney and is an unpretentious blonde called to repair the damage of the old legend who believes himself to be the best agent secret of the world).
The rest of the script unfolds without any particular surprises.
OSS 117 arrives in Africa as a conquistador full of prejudices and confidence like a true Frenchman; he messes up repeatedly, is always politically incorrect, gets away with it almost without realizing it, shakes his hands when it comes to it and in the end he will discover that his world is over forever. But will anyone have the courage to tell him? To fully appreciate Bedos’ good-natured satire, one must master the language to the fullest, so frequent are the puns and references to France in the 80s.
This is Hubert Bonissseur de la Bath’s eleventh screen appearance, invented in the late 1940s by writer Jean Bruce with a spectacular advance over the fashion of 007 and its author, Ian Fleming, who arrived in the 1960s. At that time, co-productions between Italy and France flourished, so that an expert director like André Hunebelle (that of “Angelica”) shot four adventures of OSS 117, one also in Rome, while on newsstands they appeared regularly with the Mondadori series “Secretissimo “the stories of Jean Bruce (and later of his wife Josette). In the end, throughout the 1960s, the films of the French spy (always played by American strongmen like Frederick Stafford) turned out to be eight, but then the saga was abruptly interrupted after the modest “OSS 117 goes on vacation” directed by Pierre Kalfon and a soon forgotten television version. The genius of Michel Hazanavicius was to resume the original model in 2006 making it a somewhat nostalgic and somewhat ironic parody with a vintage setting, Egypt at the time of President Nasser and the dethroned King Farouk. Presented in Italy at the Noir festival and blockbuster in France, “OSS 117 Cairo, a nest of spies” dusted off the character’s gray coat of arms and convinced producers and protagonist to a sequel. But the two films have never made it to Italy until now.