Eggers’ Nosferatu, release date and what we know about the new masterpiece

It hasn’t even come out yet, and we are already talking about a masterpiece. We are talking about the Nosferatu of Eggers. After all, anyone who knows the American director’s cinematography knows that he hardly misses a shot. But what do we know about the new film and what is the release date in theaters?

Let us try to answer these and other questions by summarizing all those that are there last news on the web. We will find out who are the actors and when the film will be released in our cinemas and beyond.

Nosferatu from Eggers, what do we know?

After having delighted us with three films, each one more beautiful than the other, Robert Eggers he definitively immerses himself in that romanticism of the German school, made up of expressionistic suggestions, which he adores so much. The Witch debut followed The Lighthouse. The first two films immediately attracted the attention of experts. These are two masterpieces that deserve multiple visions to be gutted in all their details.

The third film was then The Northmanprobably the most ambitious film (at least in terms of budget) and at the same time perhaps the least successful.

In this case there were also moments of great cinemaand above all, the ability to show a powerful and at the same time simple story, in perfect harmony with the Norse myths from which it was taken. But what do we know about Nosferatu instead? The poster that is already raging on the web makes us understand clearly that the director’s inspiration is not so much Herzog, but Murnau, since the photograph is very reminiscent of the German masterpiece of 1922. There are those who expected Dafoe in the role of Count Orlakdefinitely perfect for the part.

Actually, however, choosing the great American actor would have been a bit redundant, as he has already played the role in the parody film The Shadow of the Vampire by E. Elias Merhige. instead of him we will see Bill Skarsgård, already known for the role of Pennywise in It.

Release and other curiosities about the film

The date of exit is still uncertain, but we know that it will be released in 2023, although at the moment it is impossible to say in which month. As for the synopsis, the film is set in 1800s Germany and is described as a story of gothic-hued obsession with a cursed woman haunted by an ancient vampire of the Transylvania. The woman in question should be Anya Taylor-Joy, while the other actors already enlisted include Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny, and Nicholas Hoult.

The production makes use of the Focus Features. It is a film that has always been desired by the director: Robert Eggers in fact seems even obsessed with Murnau’s work and for this reason this production is thought of as the greatest masterpiece that the director seems to strive for. In short, the wait for this film is really spasmodic and we bet that once again Eggers, with his Nosferatu, will amply repay the expectations. As already mentioned, the release date for now is a big unknown: the film is in production and will probably also need long post-production times, especially considering the maniacal perfectionism of the filmmaker. It is therefore not to be excluded that the theatrical release may postpone to 2024. Here are the words of Eggers about it released some time ago:

“Guys, I don’t know. She is collapsing for the second time. I tried to spread the word, I also said that Harry Styles would be part of the cast. Just to be clear, it would have been Hutter, not Nosferatu. I’m really trying, but it’s like Murnau’s ghost is telling me to stop. […] Maybe Murnau is telling me that I don’t have the right ”.

For him it is therefore a dream that comes true, given that for the third time he ventures into this one production and finally things are going the right way.

Eggers’ Nosferatu, release date and what we know about the new masterpiece