Elections 2022, Berlusconi in the morning: “The income must not be abolished, solar panels on the houses”

«Giorgia Meloni is really good, she knows how to talk to her electorate and doesn’t need any advice. After all, I say this as a television man as well as a political leader, in communication a person is credible when he is really himself. Giorgia and I have different histories, a different language, a different political culture, different functions in the coalition. This does not prevent us from cooperating loyally. The center-right has three leaders, all of which are essential to win. As for the television comparisons, they were good thirty years ago, today I think they are an old, crystallized instrument ». He will continue to go on TV Silvio Berlusconi, but he believes that now the “face to face” between leaders who have made many of his electoral fortunes – from the one with Achille Occhetto in ’94 to the one with Prodi in 2006 – will not move the votes anymore like before. The president of Forza Italia is the leader of the Senate in Naples, the city of his choice, having always defined himself as “a Neapolitan born in Milan”. He is a Berlusconi galvanized by the electoral campaign, but also worried by the international crisis and, above all, by the energy crisis that is dear to families: he is now proposing a super bonus for domestic photovoltaic panels.

From TV to social media: now you have also landed on Tik Tok, do you think that the center-right program, very focused on tax reduction, anti-immigration naval blockades and the abolition of citizenship income, can have appeal to young people who always see your future more uncertain?
«I would like to clarify that I have never talked about the abolition of the citizenship income. In Italy a quarter of the population, especially in the South, lives in conditions of poverty and we certainly cannot leave it to itself. The income must be reformulated, to seriously assist those in real need. On the other hand, young people need to be given job opportunities. To this end, we have planned for companies the complete de-taxation and decontribution of wages and salaries that they will pay to young people who will take on a permanent contract with a trainee or first employment contract. Companies will therefore have a strong advantage in hiring young people and recruitments will become numerous. These things, in simple and joking language, I also explained on Tik Tok ».

Is it a suitable location to talk about the other points of your program as well?
“Of course yes. You see, the future of the country depends on a series of choices which, even if perhaps they do not affect young people immediately, serve to build the world in which they will live in the future. Take the three main themes of our program: they are the fight against tax oppression, reducing taxes with the introduction of the flat tax equal to 23% for all, and the exemption from any tax for the first 13 thousand euros of income. The fight against bureaucratic oppression, abolishing the regime of preventive authorizations, so those who want to start a business, open a shop, build something, will only have to send a registered letter or a Pec to the relevant Municipality and from the next day can start working , of course, respecting the laws: there will be controls, but only in retrospect. Finally, the fight against judicial oppression, cutting the time of trials and protecting the innocent citizen. All these are reforms that will trigger a formidable growth, as has happened in many other nations: therefore we will have a country richer in opportunities, in which we will live better, there will be more work and better paid work. If we win, this is the country where the new generations will live. This is why we must explain to the young people, who are often disheartened, that voting is above all in their interest ».

It also concerns the elderly, maybe it will also encourage them to land on this social network?
“The protection of the weakest is essential for us. For this reason we have foreseen an increase to at least 1000 euros, for 13 months, of all pensions for the elderly and disabled. Even for those people who have no contributions because they have worked their whole life at home, for the family, to raise children. I speak of our mothers and our grandmothers ».

The South has again disappeared from the radar of the political debate while the billions of the PNRR are arriving: is there a risk of missing another opportunity?
“It’s true, the left no longer talks about the South, perhaps because it knows it’s a land from which it doesn’t get many votes. For us, however, the South is an absolute priority. I want to remind you that it is thanks to Forza Italia that a minimum threshold of 40% of the NRP is linked to the South. In the history of the Republic, my governments have been the ones that have invested most in the South. We brought the high-speed railway up to Salerno, we were the ones to solve, in 2008, in a few weeks the waste problem in Naples, we built in Campania the only waste-to-energy plant that worked and that always works and many other things. . Unfortunately, the left then disregarded all our indications on the other interventions to be carried out and the problems exploded all over again ».

The urgency of these weeks for many families and businesses is the high bills. Will it be enough to reduce the heating by one degree and shorten the time of use? How would you solve this crisis at the international tables if the center-right were able to go to the government?
“For the houses we will propose a strong equipment of solar panels. We also need a super bonus for alternative energies. This equipment will immediately solve the problems for domestic energy, on the other hand domestic consumption is a part of the problem and not the most important. The government, however, must take on the problem of costs also for businesses, immediately, with a decree, to reduce the costs of bills. Otherwise many companies will have to raise the prices of their products, we will have to reduce staff or even close. And many families will find themselves faced with the dramatic choice between paying the bills or doing the shopping ».

You have often had words of appreciation for Mara Carfagna, now in transit with Renzi and Calenda: is the Third Pole aiming to overtake Forza Italia?
“We are in competition with the left, not with this pole which is not the third, but the fourth, because a third pole, if any, is the Five Stars. Renzi and Calenda, whatever their result, are doomed to irrelevance. The only center that will participate in the government of the country, which will determine the future of Italy, is called Forza Italia ”.

President, let’s come to the other of his great passions, the Monza of which he is president did not start very well in the league. Will it be saved? And between “your” Milan and Napoli which is the favorite for the Scudetto?
«We are in the fifth day of the championship, frankly for the budgets and for the predictions it is a bit early. Monza has served a difficult calendar, the impossibility of having 7 of its owners take the field and the inevitable adaptation to a demanding championship like Serie A. But I still believe that the team’s staff is valid and will give us some great satisfactions. Between Milan and Naples you ask me for a choice that divides my heart in half: you know that I consider myself a “Neapolitan born in Milan” and that in Naples I am bound by deep affections ».

Elections 2022, Berlusconi in the morning: “The income must not be abolished, solar panels on the houses”