Emigratis is back: when the second edition of Pio and Amedeo’s program begins

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The wait is over, soon the second edition of Pio and Amedeo’s program “Emigratis” will be broadcast, which will take them around the world to disturb VIPs, with the pungent irony and humor that characterizes the Apulian duo.

Pio and Amedeothe two young Apulian childhood friends, land on television again with their second edition of Emigratis.

Since their career began, success has not been long in coming. Friends since they were very young, Pio and Amedeo represent theembodiment of sympathy, sunshine, comedy but above all offriendship. Yes, because their friendship has grown stronger over the years. Before the great success, the two young people have always been inseparable and have spent their life in the surroundings of theirs Foggia.

Laughing and making people laugh has always been their greatest passion. Then the dream of being able to make other people smile too, those of Milan as well as those of Sicily. In short: Pio and Amedeo have come a long way and above all they have made stories.

Together they shared (and still share) private and professional life: the bond between them and their respective families has been described by them as the most beautiful incarnation of each other. Nothing to add: because if it is true that friends are born, staying so makes the real difference. Then if being it implies have fun and entertaineven better.

Where to see it, when it starts and how many episodes of Emigratis

They kept us entertained and glued to the TV for several weeks in the previous TV season with their program Happy Eveninga riot of laughter, songs, ballets, shows and parodies with characters from all over the television, film and music scene.

Pio and Amedeo go back up Channel 5 in the early evening from Wednesday 28 September. “Emigratis – The showdown” is the new program of four episodes that sees them as protagonists together with many, many poor people unfortunate to have crossed them. Then this year the protagonists wanted to stage the important discourse of eco-sustainability.

In these four episodes, Pio and Amedeo interpret “Bufalone” and “Messicano”, two brand new characters who will give life to a real comic story. The unfortunates will be many, victims of the great irony of young people from Puglia. A new season full of surprises not to be missed.

Emigratis: the disturbers of VIPs around the world

The wait is finally over. The highly anticipated program of Pio and Amedeo, Emigratis, which saw them, is back begin on television many years ago on Italy 1. The program had had a great success and from there, for the young people of Puglia, the road went downhill. Their parody of footballers, celebrities and VIPs it has captured just about everything, especially the pockets of the poor prey.

Two species of Robin Hood that they steal from the rich to give … to themselves. And then to the spectators a lot of laughs. Traveling the streets of the world in the most unthinkable ways and doing the weirdest things has led them to enormous success. Perhaps the secret has always been to remain who I am, especially if with the accent from Foggia.

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Emigratis is back: when the second edition of Pio and Amedeo’s program begins