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The journalist of Tg1 tells anecdotes and memories of her career (with some off-programs!)

Barbara Mosconi
September 10, 2022 at 08:28

The journalist of Tg1 Emma D’Aquino from Saturday 10 September leads “Rebels”in the afternoon on Rai3, four half-hour appointments dedicated to characters who, according to the presentation, have “broken the pre-established schemes, reversed course, had the courage to face obstacles, risks and challenges”.

Emma, ​​how did you choose these characters?
“It wasn’t easy, we made a long selection. I, who come from the news and have dealt with the fight against the mafia, I suggested Tommaso Buscetta, who “rebelled” by deciding to collaborate with Giovanni Falcone. Then there is Pope Luciani, who spoke of closeness to the poor and the weak. And Pietro Mennea, who was already a rebel in his slim physique ».

You have chosen three men and a woman, the beloved-hated Oriana Fallaci.
“She was a woman of great character and all people who have a strong character share. Her rebellion takes place when she decides not to deal with gossip anymore, but to tell about wars ».

Do you have to be rebellious to be a journalist?
“We have to disagree every now and then.”

Has this happened to her?
“It often happened to me that I had an intuition, especially when I was a correspondent. Being there on the spot I had intuitions and I was convinced that they were the right things to do ».

And were they?
“When I was following the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, I remember the day when Amanda Knox’s parents arrived and I was the only one who heard the news. I told the editor-in-chief: “If you leave me free to the limit of airing, I’m sure I’ll catch them.” I managed it half an hour before the 8pm news. The interview was also requested by the American TV CNN ».

Do you remember your first run?
“It was the mid-evening Tg1 that is no longer there, was on the air at about 11.15 pm and in a quarter of an hour it summed up the meaning of the day”.

Was she excited?
«I came from thousands of live shows, in precarious conditions, in the snow and rain, I arrived a moment before the connection, without the time to put on a trickle of makeup or lipstick. But despite this the conduction made me turn on the butterflies in the stomach ».

For years it has hosted the 8pm edition of Tg1 and is now back at lunchtime.
“I came back last week. But now with “Rebels” and then in October with “Criminal love” I will detach myself for a while ».

A removal or a rebellion?
«The directors decide as they see fit. I just say that I am doing these programs on Rai3 in full agreement with the director of Tg1 Monica Maggioni ».

Bruno Vespa said of her: «She is my creature».
“I worked with him for a long time, he was a teacher and he gave me the opportunity to follow everything that was important, starting with the attack on the Twin Towers. With very few words he provided me with the indications to make excellent connections ».

He even gave her an “audition”!
«I was three years in“ Cronaca in direct ”with David Sassoli when they called me to“ Porta a porta ”. Bruno Vespa arrived: “Are you the candidate?” and he gave me an agency paper with the news of a crashed helicopter. “Read it quickly, I’ll give you the line and tell me what’s happening”. I started talking until Vespa said to me: “Enough, you’re one of us” ».

The ability to improvise is essential.
“All time. One morning I was in the corridor and the director Mario Orfeo told me: “Run, run, extraordinary edition!”. There are certain races on the news that you have no idea … They told me: “Pope Benedict XVI has resigned.” And I: “Are you kidding me?”. I challenge anyone to know what we were talking about, it was an event that had never happened before ».

Then Roberto Benigni came to Tg1 to present “The Ten Commandments” and overwhelmed her.
“I was wearing a red dress, Benigni was sitting far away, he began with compliments on my dress, and then:” Excuse me, can I come next to you? ” and he moved. In the end I decided to let him finish the news: “Master, shut up.” Before leaving he thanked me for supporting him ».

So there is also fun on the news.
«Especially with Fiorello! We connected for his program “Viva RaiPlay!” and each time we never knew from where and with whom he would show up. One evening, knowing that I too am Sicilian, he asked me: “But what about you?” (how are you?). In a split second I decided to answer him in Sicilian: “Sugnu bona” (I’m fine) ».

Ever ended up on “Blob”?
“I don’t think so, but I was once breaking the news of wild boars in Rome and on the screen behind my head were huge wild boars. There I was targeted by social media, but never with harassing or violent comments “.

Among his television news “extras” there is participation in two editions of the Sanremo Festival.
«The first time with Claudio Baglioni, in 2018, it was a lot of fun, we made the parody of his song“ Sabato Afternoon ”, while he sang I made comments. At the Amadeus Festival in 2020 I conducted for one evening with my colleague Laura Chimenti. For me Sanremo was like a gift from Rai ».

Did the show ever tempt you?
«A few years ago Milly Carlucci called me to compete in“ Dancing with the stars ”, I like to dance, but at that moment I was hosting the 8pm news and the specials, it was complicated. But I’m open to the possibilities ».

Of his private life only the cat Luna is known.
“We’ve been together for a year and a half, she’s funny and nice. And she too will become the protagonist of a cartoon that will be broadcast on Rai Yoyo ».

What about the rest?
“The rest is private.”

Emma D’Aquino debuts on Rai3 with “Ribelli” | TV Smiles and Songs