Enrico Papi returns for the second time at the helm of “Scherzi a parte” | TV Smiles and Songs

“The studio will be full of traps. We will re-propose the joke live, but we have “raised the bar”. And among the victims we will have names … unreachable “reveals the host

Solange Savagnone
September 16, 2022 at 08:47

There is great excitement around Enrico Papi. The host talks to me on his cell phone and to other people around him at the same time. On the other hand, a joke to actor Nicolas Vaporidis, who is in Puglia, is in full swing. “Everything is happening live as we speak, if he goes on air it means that he has succeeded” he says, laughing, Papi who from Sunday 18 September back to the guide of “Jokes aside”which will be even richer and more fun than the previous edition: «This year we have introduced some small innovations».

What can you anticipate?
«The guests in the studio, the protagonists of the jokes, will have to be careful because even that place will hold many surprises. It is no coincidence that the subtitle of the program is: “Nobody is quiet”. I won’t be mean, but I’ll set traps for them, bearing in mind the fact that I want to entertain people at home with cartoonish pranks. Then, after last year’s experiment, we will also re-propose the joke live, with a well-studied technical and logistical organization, so we can afford unthinkable things! Finally, we also tried to play jokes on almost unreachable characters ».

For instance?
«Marcell Jacobs, the fastest man in the world, an international star. We’ve been chasing him for five months. Or Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi: we liked to show them at a particular moment to reveal the character of their couple. In the end Ricky could no longer get out of the joke because he was too likely ».

Any other jokes you enjoyed organizing?
«One, very difficult, to a character we have never seen in particular contexts: Roberto Giacobbo. His collaborators, one of his daughters and his wife helped us: he will be involved in a very embarrassing situation ».

Who will be the victims we will see in the first episode?
«Iva Zanicchi: with the complicity of Mediaset we will make her live such an absurd moment that in the end she will” sclerò “. You will then see the joke that Manuel Bortuzzo organizes to Aldo Montano to test their friendship. And then there will be a crazy one at Federico Fashion Style: we made his salon in Anzio, near Rome, unusable ».

When did you start recording?
“In January. Once the program ran every two years because it took so long to set up the jokes. Instead we have empowered the team by showing that they can be shot in less time. Now it takes from ten days to a month, up to five for Marcell Jacobs. ‘

Have you had any setbacks?
“This year we have had a little more unexpected than usual. Some jokes have been skipped or have been postponed because the character did not arrive, despite the help of an accomplice. Or the classic unexpected events: you have positioned everything, micro-cameras and microphones, the signal starts to record and you can’t see anything from the direction! ».

Incidents involving the protagonists?
“There was a fight. And one star got so out of her mind that even her friends couldn’t control her. Furthermore, it often happens that the victims call the police and we must warn the police that it is all fake ”.

Who enjoyed it the most?
«The journalist Veronica Gentili. She calls herself a cat lady and the joke was about a cat in trouble. Let’s say that she came out naturally, in all her Romanity about her ».

Is there a joke that would have made you particularly uncomfortable if you had been a victim?
“Almost all. When we share the ideas we have thought with the authors, I identify with the victim. If I feel discomfort, it means that the joke is good. But it’s always based on fun, maybe we put the protagonist in difficulty, but we never make him look bad ».

Let’s move on to her. Which stunt are you most proud of?
“In junior high, I must have been 14. The Italian teacher arrives in the classroom and while he goes to hang up his coat, I run to fill his chair with pins, on which he has sat. They called both my parents to school … ».

Have you ever felt like you’re on “Seriously” in your life without being?
“Yes, very recently. I rent a car, a Mehari, and they give it to me saying I have to get gas. And it already seemed strange to me. While I fill up, I see the petrol coming out from underneath. I find out that the tank was punctured … and nobody helped me to push it. I call whoever rented it to me and they don’t answer. I really thought I was on “Scherzi”! ».

It is said “Whoever makes it is waiting for it.” Don’t you live in fear that the production will play some tricky tricks on you?
«Many years ago they made a joke on me on“ Buona Domenica ”. To parody the mad hatter I was pulled up with a harness. One day the director Roberto Cenci, the same as “Seriously”, gives the stop and leaves me hanging there. This year they cheated me again, you will see it in the promo: they asked me to do it harnessed high. And I fell for it again! ».

Have your children surpassed the teacher or are they serious people?
«Rebecca is 22 years old, she is more serious than me and has just graduated in Business. She is very studious, unlike me. You know I have to ask for the DNA test! Samuele, on the other hand, is like me, he does not study anything, he is mine for sure. He is 14 years old “.

The right age to play the trick of the pins.
“Precisely. Let’s try not to let him read this interview! ».

Enrico Papi returns for the second time at the helm of “Scherzi a parte” | TV Smiles and Songs