ET turns 40 and celebrates it with a dedicated documentary celebrates two masters of cinema, Steven Spielberg and Federico Fellini: a documentary on ET, the 1982 masterpiece which this year celebrates 40 years, is dedicated to the first; to the second, an unpublished portrait that tells of his passion for psychoanalysis and esotericism

The cultural channel Art in Italian celebrates two masters, Steven Spielberg and Federico Fellini: two directors, two generations, two different ways of conceiving cinema. Yet, the two filmmakers have more than one thing in common: a curious spirit, a visionary style and a passion for memoir moviewhich often prompted both to bring their memories to the big screen.

Fellini, who died in 1993, is still considered one of the Italian pioneers of magical realism. He was also one of the reference points of Spielberg who, in 2018, on the occasion of the David di Donatello awards, remembered him thus: “We met in Rome, in 1971: he had seen my film, ‘Duel’, and wanted to meet me to tell me how much he liked it. Knowing I had to meet the press, he told me: ‘Never give the same answer to the same question twice. It’s always important to entertain your audience, but it’s even more important to entertain yourself. To win the public, you must first be the public.’ I have never forgotten that lesson.

Art.TV therefore celebrates the talents of the two Oscar-winning directors with two documentaries: the first, ET – Spielberg’s Intimate Blockbuster, tells the genesis of the 1982 masterpiece, which from a personal and low-budget work became one of the greatest successes in the history of cinema; The second one, Fellini of the Spiritsinstead reveals a new side of the Italian director who, in his constant search for the meaning of life, had found fertile ground for his curiosity in psychoanalysis and esotericism.

ET – Spielberg’s Intimate Blockbuster will be available on the channel Art in Italian starting from 9 December 2022, Fellini of the Spirits from 12.

Both titles will be usable for freewith Italian subtitles, on the site art.TV/it or on apps ART for smart TVFire TVApple TV and mobile devices.

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ET turns 40 and celebrates it with a dedicated documentary