Excluded. “It was rock’n roll … I wanted to supervise everything”: Bertrand Chameroy at the controls of his first show in place of C à vous

This is a first for Bertrand Chameroy ! This Monday, December 19, from 7 p.m., the troublemaker who officiates from Monday to Friday in It’s up to you, will be at the helm of his own show. baptized The ABC: the Year of Bertrand Chameroy, the program is an adaptation of his column but in an XXL version. On this occasion, the 33-year-old host will be surrounded by the band of the famous France 5 talk show presented by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, and will also receive personalities. For Tele-Leisurehe agreed to reveal behind the scenes of his special show as well as his professional desires…

“The preparation of the show was done in 10 days”

Tele-Leisure : This Monday, you present ABC: the year of Bertrand Chameroy on France 5. How was this project born?

Bertrand Chameroy: It’s Justine Planchon (President of Mediawan Prod, editor’s note) and Pierre-Antoine Capton (producer of It’s up to youEd) who thought it would be great to broadcast a best-of of my column ABC during the holidays. As I like to do things well, with my team, we preferred to offer a program with a lot of unseen, guests, sequences that refer to Christmas films known to everyone. It also allowed me to justify why I find myself alone at 7 p.m. It’s up to you. How I love the movie Mom I missed the planeI imagined that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Patrick Cohen forgot me in the studio and that I took the opportunity to organize my Friends Christmas with the show’s columnists and personalities.

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How long did you have to prepare this issue?

It was done in about 10 days, while ensuring my daily column in It’s up to you. It was very rock’n roll, I worked on weekends and during the week I went back and forth between the teams to manage the two programs. Fortunately, I was supported by people who know me well and who did a wonderful job. I wanted to supervise everything: the filming of the parodies, the writing, the happenings and even the lighting of the set. At least if something goes wrong, I can only blame myself. In the end, I’m exhausted but really happy with the result.

“I put pressure on myself and the whole team went into overdrive”

What should viewers expect from the show?

I am accompanied by Matthew Belliard, Mohamed Bouhafsi and Emilie Tran Nguyenmy comrades from C to you. Pierre LescureAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Patrick Cohen will also be present, but through magnetos. On the guest side, we receive personalities that I admire: Michele Laroque, Fred Testot, Berengere Krief and Kendji Girac. There will be board games on the news to look back on the political, people and cultural year. Finally, we also have a surprise in store for you: a mini cartoon with the show’s columnists but I say no more! (He’s laughing)

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This is the first time you have presented a program on France 5. What is your state of mind?

I put pressure on myself and the whole team went into overdrive. This is the first time that I have offered something outside of It’s up to you, although it is a continuation of the program because we use the same set and the show is inspired by my column. I am delighted with the work done.

“Emmanuel Macron, one of my best memories on the show”

During the show, you will come back to the highlights of 2022. Which one stood out to you the most?

As far as I’m concerned, these are my chronicles with Valerie Pécresse, when I gently made fun of her. It was a running gag unexpected which ended with a video from him at the end of the season. It was quite a funny story. (He’s laughing) There is also the day we received Emmanuel Macron. One of my fondest memories on the show. I was very stressed, but paradoxically, this is the column where I had the most confidence. I don’t spend as much time preparing my columns so that the antenna is a torture. So I did not disassemble and it worked.

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Would you like to host a more frequent meeting, in addition to your column in It’s up to you ?

It’s complicated right now in terms of the schedule. On the other hand, if one day there is a coherent project that amuses me, and if the channel is up for it, it would be with great pleasure. I would like to present a program that brings together humorous sequences, music and posed interviews. A talk show, in short, like It’s up to youbut I’m already a columnist there.

Excluded. “It was rock’n roll … I wanted to supervise everything”: Bertrand Chameroy at the controls of his first show in place of C à vous