Ezra Miller admits he has a mental health problem: ‘I want to be healthy and productive again’

Actor Ezra Miller, who has made headlines in recent months for his reprehensible behavior, said he welcomes the help he’s been offered. The timeline of his arrests.

It will likely be a transition period in finding himself, but the last few months have not been easy for the 29-year-old Ezra Miller nor for people close to him or those who happened to be around when he freaked out. As we have learned, the actor (who identifies himself with a non-binary gender identity and asks that the pronouns They and Them be used in the English language) has been arrested several times over the past months and his general behavior is been, so to speak, rather eccentric, to the point of thinking that it could jeopardize the fate of the film in which it is the protagonist, The Flash. The new chapter ofDC Comics cinematic universealready shaky for the change at the top of the Warner Bros Discovery and for the idea of ​​making a sort of tabula rasa starting from scratch, it will have to be released in cinemas on July 23, 2023. A date that seems very distant given the frequency with which the actor gets talked about on the web for the actions he acts as a private citizen.

One could imagine that sooner or later Warners and DC they ran for cover to save a movie from $200 million budget and that, on the personal front, someone would grab the actor by the jacket to try to save him from himself. An official statement has therefore arrived from Ezra Miller:

“Having recently gone through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I suffer from a complex mental health problem for which I have entered treatment. I want to apologize to all those I have alarmed and disappointed with my past behavior. I am committed to everything I need to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage of my life.”

Ezra Miller: The Timeline of His Growing Madness

There was initially inApril 2020 a video of a few seconds in which he saw himself Ezra Miller grabbing a girl by the neck in a Reykjavik bar and then slamming her to the floor saying “Do you really want to get into a fight?”. No one filed a complaint at the time, but the girl said it was a joke conversation to which Miller reacted badly.

Some incomprehensible statements on his social accounts followed months later (including a video in which he threatened a group of fanatics of the Ku Klux Klan of North Carolina) to arrive at the last March 28, 2022 with his arrest by the police at a bar in Hawaii. There was karaoke going on when Miller he started cursing loudly, snatching the microphone from a girl who was singing and throwing himself at another customer. The owners of the club attempted to calm him down and were forced to call the police. Public disturbance and harassment were the charges brought against him. He was released hours later on $500 bail.

Three weeks later, precisely on April 19, 2022, Miller was arrested again, also in Hawaii, for throwing a chair at a 26-year-old woman and injuring her forehead. The call to the police came from the residence where the actor was staying. Apparently, Miller reacted badly to requests to leave from some people who happened to be in the same place. He was charged with assault, taken to the station and released for lack of further evidence to support the allegations.

We come to last June. A woman and her 12-year-old daughter from Greenfield, Massachusetts applied for and received a restraining order against Miller to keep him away. The request was granted because the actor, some time before, had met them at a party dedicating unwelcome attention to the child. “He had immediately shown himself attracted to me, telling me how much he liked my look and my style” the girl had declared, “she made me uncomfortable, I was nervous and scared”. This was shortly before being confronted by her mother shouting in her face, making her cry and accusing her of cultural appropriation (an American notion that the inappropriate or unwitting use of elements of a minority culture by a dominant culture is disrespectful and constitutes a form of oppression).

Instead of a few days ago, on August 7, a new arrest for theft in Stamford, in the state of Vermont, dating back to last May. Police said the actor stole several bottles of alcohol from a then-tenantless residence. The video surveillance circuit and other testimonies have nailed the actor that he will have to appear in court on September 20th. In the first days of August an article was published by Insider magazine claiming how dangerously unstable he is becoming Ezra Miller. The investigations led the newspaper to discover the actor on two occasions, in the state of Vermont and in Iceland, he rented apartments on AirBnB to use them as reception centers for artists, with mattresses scattered on the floor in the rooms. According to what someone said, it seems that Miller led group meditations, talked about supernatural powers, and paid for food, drink, and marijuana for everyone. In essence, that he was leaning towards cult leader status.

Ezra Miller admits he has a mental health problem: ‘I want to be healthy and productive again’