Fabrizio Frizzi: “It happened just before his death” | an unimaginable background emerges

Five years after the death of the beloved Rai presenter, Fabrizio Frizzi, an unexpected background arrives that moves everyone.

Throughout his long and brilliant career, Fabrizio Frizzi led many unforgettable ones successful programs and just a short time before his death he was conducting the quiz show of RAI Uno L’Eredità. A few years have passed and many things have happened in the course of these but the memory of this good and nice presenter is still alive and indelible in the hearts of all viewers.

For many conductors of his generation and his friends, the mourning was truly dramatic and certainly the untimely death of Frizzi changed the perspective for many of them. Among these there is Carlo Conti, always a friend of Fabriziowho in an interview with Fatto Quotidiano said that the sudden death of the sixty-year-old conductor and friend Fabrizio changed his way of life a lot.

Up to that moment, in fact, he had always put work first, while following this tragic event he decided to devote himself more to his family and in particular to his son, little Matteo. If you think about it, in fact, Conti is no longer as ubiquitous on Rai 1 as it once was and at the moment it is only running Such and what Show.

The program has been on the air for many years, but Did you know that Fabrizio Frizzi also participated in an edition of Tale and which show? The background that we are about to tell you concerns precisely that period, just before his death.

The background on Fabrizio Frizzi

A television celebrity said about the disappearance of Fabrizio Frizzi, Maria Grazia Fontanathe coach of the program Rai Tale and what Showwho was also the coach of Frizzi, in fact.

Maria Grazia Fontana recently granted an interview to Nuovo TV in which she said she was very close to the late presenter, especially during her participation in Tale and what show, where she showed that she did not take herself too seriously and that she knew how to have fun in a circumstance like that. After all, it had always been known that Frizzi was this kind of person and also for this reason he was much loved by viewers.


Maria Grazia Fontana spoke extensively of her friendship with Frizzi and she has revealed a surprising and unexpected background on the conductor’s death. Here are the words of the coach: “A deep and sincere friendship was born with him. After his participation we always felt, the last time was a few days before his premature death … he was a great artist, a cut above the others, especially humanly “.

Fontana’s words are truly moving and underline her deep affection for Frizzi. In this interview Frizzi also referred to other competitors of Such and what showwith whom she has remained on excellent terms, among them she also recalled Serena Rossiactress and singer, in this period at the height of her career, also thanks to the relaunch she had with Such and what show.

“She always said she was grateful for this show because it was her first big break since Un posto al sole. Serena almost didn’t believe in her talent! ”. In the interview he also mentioned other names: “Mussolini is really very in tune, while on Valentina Persia, on the other hand, I have to work by subtraction, since with her we risk encroaching on the parody of imitations. Finally there is Samira Lui, she is very good but she has not understood it yet ”.

Fabrizio Frizzi: “It happened just before his death” | an unimaginable background emerges