Fall of the Draghi Government: citizenship income true breaking point. And that government contract that …

Paradoxically, looking at the glass half full, the vote of no presence in the Senate is the best guarantee to preserve the political authority (now more than ever) of Draghi, his history, his prestige and, finally, his eventual return. Ninety-five votes supported, in the Senate yesterday, the “Casini resolution”In favor of the outgoing Premier. The 5 Star Movement, on the other hand, he decided to be in the courtroom but clearly not supporting the above: it is actually called passage in the minority or even better called opposition. Yes but opposition to whom? To the Draghi Government or al Government of Draghi? No because, for the avoidance of doubt, the 5 Star Movement has neither expressed mistrust nor voted against a regulatory provision.

Why is this? The government contract signed between League And M5S in the 2018. At least in a political sense that is certainly not juridical (that, if anything, will be evaluated in a posthumous key). Let’s start with the crucial fact: in yesterday’s session, Draghi states that “Citizenship income is an important measure to reduce poverty, but it can be improved to favor those most in need and reduce the negative effects on the labor market”. Let us now continue on the fiery facts. The League, through Sen. Romeo, has expressed its intention to support Mario Draghi provided that the citizenship income was modified and revised. So not repeal.

The 5 Star Movementthrough Sen. Licheri, instead, he has shown that he is not willing to set back a centimeter on citizenship income. Mario Draghi’s words seemed to be of implicit mediation, while those of League And M5S of mutual ideal but not political disavowal. The reason is simple: both political forces wanted the Basic income, not by mere compromise in the legislative stage, but precisely by contractually staged program agreement. Then the real breaking point is (so evident) on the question of income; theme that the League could not overcome by beating itself and on which the M5S bases its residual existence.

An issue that has opened a political chasm in which those who have paid the consequences are Mario Draghi which he repeated several times if the teams were ready to rebuild the pact of trust. Now, that government contract was wanted by Di Maio And Salvini, not from With you And Salvini. It will be rightly said that Conte had nothing to do with that agreement. And no, this is not the case because as President of the Council of Ministers he brought it forward (and according to art. “The ministers are collectively responsible for the acts of the Council of Ministers, and individually for the acts of their departments”).

Soon, however, the social reality took the hit: companies have fewer offers on their plate and there are fewer people trained to respond to the demands for competence that the market requires; on the other hand, the small and medium-sized enterprises (not all of them) that are struggling to withstand the blow of the crisis and the pandemic do not seek more but simply motivate themselves to resist and stay alive. At this point the best way out for Dragons it is having put on the plate, once again, the availability for the country knowing full well that the last dish is being consumed at the center of that government contract born clumsily, voraciously executed and biblically communicated.

The great utopia of citizenship income, like among other things Prof. By Bartolo defined the measure (and which will soon be published with an essay in the bookshop), is the great weak point of the majority holding of the Draghi government that, having finished with the experience of national unity, it is now preparing to record the evaluations of the Colle between probable technical government, government of responsibility (excluding the M5S) and early elections. In the meantime, the ECB is looming, which will soon have to tell Italy a little something in the ear to face the rising spread, the already feverish markets and the dynamics of the PNRR.

This means that to face the whole cauldron that in the end is public debt, one can only go, sooner or later, to the trenches for the so famous spending review starting from an upstream logical process: differentiating debt from evasion for tax evasion from that due to tax arrears together with differentiating production costs from the so-called “bandwagon”. Here, let’s get ready for the “politics of duty “ than to that of the city of the sun (of Tommaso Campanella) someone in history has already thought about it and we know how it ended. Let’s rethink the country, rethink work, rethink the dignity of the electoral mandate. This is the real contract of democracy and for democracy. The rest is parody. We all remember the movie Bread, love and imagination? But Parliament is not cinecittà or the big brother. Good awakening Italy.

Fall of the Draghi Government: citizenship income true breaking point. And that government contract that … – Il Riformista