For Jennifer Lawrence, working with female directors is “taking a break from toxic masculinity”

While the gender stereotype is that women are more emotional than men, Lawrence said the female directors who directed her were less prone to tantrums than their male counterparts.

Of the actresses reuniting and evoke the work of directors, it’s as rare as it is important. During a round table organized by Tea HollywoodReporterJennifer Lawrence confided that, yes: being led by a woman rather than a man made all the difference.

Director Bryan Singer denounced for his tantrums

Last Friday, Tea HollywoodReporter brought together Claire Foy, Danielle Deadwyler, Emma CorrinMichelle Yeoh, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lawrence to talk about cinema in a frame of non-mixed.

The opportunity for the latter to break the neck of one of the worst stereotypes that reigns, and does not spare Hollywood : the idea that women directors would be more emotional than their male counterparts. They would therefore be less able to direct a movie. Jennifer Lawrence cited the name of a director she considers a representative example of the toxic masculinity unbridled that reigns on certain plateaus. It is Brian Singerfilmmaker behind the franchise X-Men. Jennifer Lawrence explained:

“Hearing that women shouldn’t have roles like this because we are too emotional always made us laugh. By that I mean that I worked with Bryan Singer: emotional men, I have seen. It was with them that I saw the biggest tantrums on a set. »

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It’s amazing not to be surrounded by toxic masculinity. »

Jennifer Lawrence explained that behind these oppressive behaviors, it was indeed a question of genres.

After denouncing the harmful work environment imposed by Bryan Singer, the actress confided that collaborating with female directors made all the difference : “It’s amazing not to be surrounded by toxic masculinity. To take a short break. »

The one that was directed by Jodie Foster for The Beaver Complex and by Debra Granik on the set of Winter’s Bone recently signed his third collaboration with a director. It is Lila Neugebauerwho directed her on the set of Causewaya film available on AppleTV+ since November 4:

Lila Neugebauer is the third female director with whom I collaborate. And these three women are the best decision makers that I have worked with are the calmest. I love working with female directors. »

In front of and behind the camera, the observation is clear for spectators as well as actresses: the cinema needs more female directors.

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For Jennifer Lawrence, working with female directors is “taking a break from toxic masculinity”