Francesco Totti and the end of the heroes

The appointment with Carmelo Pennisi’s column is back. Today’s protagonist is the former Roma captain

Carmelo Pennisi

“Does the best of things in the

worst of circumstances “.

Heroes promise a lot. They do it with words, they do it with gestures, they do it because they are victims of excessive expectations. Up to a certain point in human history the hero was able to break it down in relation to the fact that no person ever lives up to what he promises. There was no possibility for everyone to create images and video content, and there were no distribution channels (social networks) accessible to anyone. Yes, the hero could avoid public mockery when the inevitable cracks in his own personality, which no one can escape, showed themselves at the sight of him. This reserve on the dark side did not allow worldliness to undermine the light emanating from his exploits, and entry into the imperishable myth, at least for his contemporaries, was assured.

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Of course, generations later the “cursed” historians arrived on time with their fixation of “revisionism” and maybe some “altar” eventually came out. But once you have entered the myth, no “revision” could ever allow you to find yourself “naked” in front of history. Roberto D’Agostino, in commenting on the ongoing patatrac between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, spoke of a certain “forced pride” present in Rome in the classic archetype of those not up to managing having climbed some social class thanks to talent gifted by fate. The “coercion” struck by excessive luck generally leads to arrogance and the conviction of a folded world at your disposal, and if you have been an idol of the football crowds, and if you do not have the elegant realism of a Paolo Maldini, you end up seriously believing that, no matter what you do or say, nothing can ever dent your status as “Eighth King of Rome”. You come to seriously believe, after having even granted the broadcast of your wedding live “Sky” (the apotheosis of the populace who has finally become King), that you can have the comforts of your fame without taking into consideration the consequent duties. The perception is that of the “Marchese del Grillo” of deaf memory: “I am me, and you are not a shit”.

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You need to have lived in the capital to be able to fully understand why the former Giallorossi captain slipped into the “everything is allowed” tunnel. Francesco Totti was undoubtedly the greatest and most important player in the history of Rome, and I still have vividly in my mind the day when a friend took me to see a game of the Giallorossi “Allievi Nazionali” and a goal scored from 40 meters (one thing amazing for that category) by the one who would become the pride of an entire city, and not just the Romanist side. In fact, the fifteen-year-old Totti still did not know that day that he would become a friend of Juventus’ Walter Veltroni, tenant of the highest seat of the “Campidoglio” for seven consecutive years and founder of the first Italian progressive party.

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“He rejected Berlusconi’s AC Milan and Real Madrid” is the tam tam of the Romanist tale of the desire for a city happy to have found its world postcard in the most popular sport. The “Pupone” is nice and Roman like never before, light-hearted to the point of unbelievable when he engraves in the memory of all Italians his brilliant “spoon” to an astonished Van Der Saar during the penalty lottery of the 2000 Europeans semifinal against the ‘Holland. The Romans are in raptures, the history of Rome has really seen everything but she is always ready and happy to be surprised by the deeds of a child of hers. Even Lazio fans find it hard to speak ill of it, because if there is something with the ability to make everyone agree this is the beauty designed by talent. If Marcus Aurelius had known him (yes, that very emperor killed by a “Commodus” Joaquin Phoenix already dropped into the crazy shoes of Arthur Fleck / Joker with the compulsive laugh that he would have played 19 years later “The Gladiator”) certainly would have warned him. how there is “an adequate dignity and measure to be observed in the execution of every act of life”, otherwise the risk of reducing you from a hero made of flesh and blood to a hero / silhouette becomes very high.

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And in everyday life besieged by the invasiveness of social networks, the hero / silhouette is destined to have a very short life. Just an unexpected slap to the “hardback” and here it all falls down, in a parody of “fall of the gods” to make even the smile with which you told your dumb “carabinieri” jokes appear melancholy. It should not surprise too much the tone and the words he used in the interview released to the “Corriere della Sera”, it should not surprise even how the major Italian political newspaper has decided to devote a couple of pages to a story of horns and license to do anything. By now the style of our country has taken the inexorable path of the reality show at any cost. Everything is not true, but in the end it is true: it is enough to believe in the truth and its opposite, and go ahead to remember the obvious contradiction (in a country stubborn in ignoring books it was inevitable that it would end like this). The summary of the interview is he who did not betray first, the lack of empathy towards his wife’s alleged lover (“it was a shock. Even that he might have an interest in a man totally different from me”), the stealing by of his father-in-law and Ilary from his Rolex collection.

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When we say flying at high altitude, otherwise the “Corrierone” would not have mobilized to collect a perfect testimony for a film suggestion of the legendary Vanzina brothers. “I am happy to have given him the opportunity to do a fiction. But I can assure him that he also had the contents to do it on him. If they had told me before I had a couple of scenes to make him fill up I had. It was enough to show those and the audience was completed “, Luciano Spalletti’s slightly resentful comment on the bad figure that the” Captain “makes him do in the well-known fiction” Speravo de morì prima “was almost a masterpiece of irony on the part of a person practically “shot” without any appeal or contradiction through a filmic operation from this point of view very questionable. But the Totti of the Sky fiction is exactly the Totti of the interview with “Corriere della Sera”, when “his foot slips from the clutch” he loses contact with good taste and the goal becomes exclusively “revenge” for an alleged wrong suffered. .

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The fast track guaranteed by its popularity and the unconditional affection of the fans has always done the rest. The question is not whether Luciano Spalletti and Ilary Blasi behaved badly towards him or not, because even if one could become aware of all the events that occurred (which is impossible) everyone would look at things according to their own point of view and your own morals. The real question is when you are unable to contain yourself with respect to some reversals of life, and in the case of a hero this really becomes a sad parable considering it is not clear where one day he lost the beauty from which he was pervaded. One wonders when the fall of the gods began and how this was possible after being in contact with perfection and even with creation. For years I have tried to understand the incomprehensible fall of Lucifer into the underworld without being able to get any rational explanation, if not taking refuge in the incomprehensible mystery of life itself. “Catch me if you can again”, try to catch me once again my dear old football. Let’s see if you can do it; maybe with new heroes, maybe with new stories. Perhaps…

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Francesco Totti and the end of the heroes