François Alu, a star on the loose

Far from the stage of the Paris Opera or the set of the television program “Dancing with the stars” where he officiates as a juror, François Alu makes a new start with his solo show “Complètements thrown”. After starting to play it in small venues, he will give it to the Olympia in Paris

Sunday February 5 sold out, then on tour throughout France until June 11, 2023: ” I am delighted to find all the Parisian and provincial public. We’re going to have a crazy time together!”

I find it difficult to be directed, I need to have freedom, space

François Alu looks back on his surprise departure from the Paris Opera in November after 12 years at the house, just a few months after receiving the Star he no longer expected, on April 23, 2022 after a performance of The Bayadere : “There was a form of finality. I went to the end of the course, at the end of the game, I had checked the box. This Star came at a time when I was already beginning to detach myself from the institution.” The dancer was indeed returning from a year of sabbatical during which he had begun to write his show, short films, and to give conferences. “Curiosity opened the doors of the mind to me, and when these doors open, you cannot close them. I do not rule out continuing to collaborate with the Paris Opera in other forms, but I have too many external desires to do just that.” However, he pays tribute to the institution, which allowed him to live unforgettable experiences, such as his first major role – replacing Basilio at short notice in Don Quixote in 2012, as well as to José Martinez, new director of Dance, to whom he owes his first ballet. Today, François Alu has therefore found his place: “to undertake, to be able to create… I feel at home in a theatre, it’s calm, we are in direct connection with the public and I like to bring it into strata even more barren than reality.”

Completely thrown, an explosive single-stage mixing humor, classical dance and hip-hop

Fruit of a long-standing collaboration between François Alu and Samuel Murez, choreographer and founder of the

3rd floor company, the show “Completely thrown” stages the questions and the inner world of a dancer out of frame. Its goal ? “Dusting off classical dance” by mixing dance, parodies and chiseled texts: ” There are things that words can express that the body cannot, and vice versa. explains François Alu. Why deprive yourself? We have a language, we have a body, might as well put it all of a sudden – it’s a bit bulimic but at least, no regrets! Classical dance therefore, but also a hip hop solo for this particularly physical show: “I do somersaults, I roll on the ground, I do spins, waves… my body is exhausted. And then I hear the music and I say to myself: go ahead, give it your all, again, again.” Result: 1500 calories burned in 1h30 of show! And a lot of humor: the star dancer delivers in particular some tasty imitations of politicians, famous choreographers, journalists or directors of institutions while emphasizing that it is only “of a mixture of inspirations, not the portrait of anyone in particular.”

  • Solo show

    “Completely thrown away” by François Alu, on tour throughout France: at the Olympia in Paris this Saturday February 5, Cargèse on March 19, Romans-sur-Isère on March 25, then Caen, Montpellier…

François Alu, a star on the loose