Fratelli di Crozza 1 April live, characters: Edward Luttwak, Silvio Berlusconi, Vittorio Feltri

Maurizio Crozza, during today’s episode, brings numerous characters and parodies to the stage.

Friday 1 April, from 9:25 pm on the canal Ninea new episode of Brothers of Crozza. The ferryman of the show is the Genoese comedian Maurizio Crozza. Also this week, the comedian will stage numerous imitations and parodies. Crozzathen, with his monologues, he will also talk about some topical issues.

Fratelli di Crozza 1 April, live: the episode begins

The episode of Brothers of Crozza of 1 April opens with the imitation of Edward Luttwak. “The woman likes the warrior. You, in Europe, have forgotten that you are warriors. One cannot think of always living in peace. Conflict is the spice of life. 80 years of peace is an anomalous period “, says the comedian.

Maurizio Crozzathen he enters the studio and starts with the first monologue. The comedian returns to the words of Luttwak and states: “It is anomalous to have nuclear bombs in Ghedi“. Crozza adds: “I didn’t even know that Ghedi existed“. The comedian then goes back to talking about the increase in military spending: “I would like to retire and see the construction sites, not the craters“.

The monologue continues: we talk about Mario Draghi

The comedian continues the first monologue of the episode of Brothers of Crozza of 1 April recalling the period in which he served in the military. At the time, the comedian was placed under arrest in order not to shoot. Crozzathen, he also talks about the idea of ​​creating a European army: “I would like the unity of European policy on other things“, Adds the comedian who recalls how Putin talked about gas with Scholz, Macron and Draghi”separately“.

Maurizio Crozza then shows a video of the press conference with foreign journalists carried out in recent days by Mario Draghi. In the clip, Draghi repeatedly showed himself unsure of what he was saying. Aspect, this, on which he jokes now Crozza: “A difficult speech, one of those that people who speak using those difficult words like iban deal with“.

The Genoese comedian continues the monologue, moving on to the news according to which Silvio Berlusconi he would try to call Putin, without receiving a reply. With the opportunity, Crozza speaks of the alleged pregnancy of Marta FascinaBerlusconi’s partner: “I hope it’s real news. 85 years is not so much to have a child. You can still crawl with it together“, The comedian jokes.

Brothers of Crozza April 1, imitations of Silvio Berlusconi and Mauro Corona

Maurizio Crozza continues the episode of Brothers of Crozza of April 1 interpreting Silvio Berlusconi. With him, on stage, even a cradle. “The diaper? I’ll put that on“Says the comedian. The voiceover speaks of Putin and, immediately, the Crozza / Berlusconi takes out a matryoshka and turns to the cradle: “Uncle gives it to you (referring to the Russian President, ed), to communion gives you a gas pipeline“Says the comedian who then announces the first commercial break.

Brothers of Crozza April 1 Silvio Berlusconi

Brothers of Crozza of April 1 returns after a few minutes of break. Maurizio Crozza imitates Mauro Corona. “The bunker is junk. If they throw the atomic bomb I want to be outdoors, at most I go to a cave with a bear. You don’t have to be afraid of a bear, it can’t hurt you. When you let her go she doesn’t even ask for alimony“Says the comedian. Mauro Corona he continues drinking wine and eating earthworms: “Other than supplements“. Crown then he quotes Seneca: “Man will never be happy because he always wants what he does not have. We want strawberries in the winter. There are more antibiotics in a chicken than in all the pharmacies in Milan. Nature gives you everything“.

The comedian talks about Ligurian infrastructures, then imitates Flavio Briatore

Crozza continues the episode. “Imagine if Putin were to give Genoa a three-hour ultimatum to evacuate with a humanitarian corridor. We in Genoa, on the motorway, where do we go in three hours? We don’t even get to the first tollbooth of the highway“. The comedian picks up on news that construction sites in the A10 will end in 2028: “There are only 6 years left, we still have time to win the World Cup ”. Crozza then shows a video of Flavio Briatore stuck in highway traffic.


The comedian now imitates the entrepreneur: “I’ve been stuck since 1973. But do you think I have to stand in line? When an entrepreneur passes by, the traffic jams should open like water with Miguel Mosè. The scandal is that the state gives the siren to those who do not produce profits. I also want the writing on the car backwards, like the ambulance“. Crozza / Briatore he continues, criticizing the other drivers in the queue next to him: “The one on the side has the faceplate that comes off. In 2022, then, there is still one who lives in campers, with Decathlon bikes hanging on the back“. BriatoreFinally, he mentions the “poor lane, where they go faster“.

Brothers of Crozza April 1, live: we talk about Unesco, then imitation of Vincenzo De Luca

Maurizio Crozzanow, he is dressed by Unesco and sings an aria from Rigoletto: “Coffee is an unwelcome drink“. In fact, there is talk of the organization’s choice to reject the entrance to the café, accepting opera music instead. The opportunity is good to talk about Vincenzo De LucaPresident of the Campania Region who first launched the idea of ​​coffee in Unesco.


Crozza thus imitates the President De Luca. The comedian pretends to turn a coffee with a spoon: “Inhale the aroma. This is an elixir of youth ”. The coffee, however, is not good: “A ciofeca“, Says the committee that mentions, then, Totò. Crozza keep on: “The poisoning of Ukrainian negotiators in Turkey was caused by Turkish coffee“. Venice becomes a “small submerged town, known as the world capital of rheumatism“. The fake De Luca it has something for everyone, even for Ivrea: “How do you put in Unesco a place where, to greet each other, oranges are thrown?“. On the continuation of the mandate, however, the comedian has no doubts: “I will remain President until 2040. Campania will have to be mine for usucapione“. Second commercial break.

Brothers of Crozza April 1 De Luca

Fratelli di Crozza April 1, live: the comedian imitates Red Ronnie

The episode of Brothers of Crozza he continues: it is time, now, to imitate Red Ronnie. The comedian pretends to answer questions from fans: “Three days of darkness? Those of the prophecy are saying it. The South worries me more. Malanga’s janitor told me that he studies the accumulation of graphene in pigs. In fact, he eats the ribs not with his hands, but with magnets“. According to Crozza / Ronniethen, “Milan at night rises 8 meters. Puglia, on the other hand, according to the cousin of the doorkeeper of Malanga, occasionally bumps into Albania. Malanga’s brother-in-law, on the other hand, told me that Sicily revolves ”.

The record company, imitated by the comedian, continues. We talk about aliens: “Above New York is a fleet of 150 aliens. They often invent jobs to avoid being recognized. Tonini told me that a friend of hers has a restaurant in Rimini, where 150 representatives ate. Oops“. Imitation ends, line to advertising.

Imitation of Vittorio Feltri

It is back on the air after the commercial. Maurizio Crozzathis time, he interprets Vittorio Feltri. The director talks about Will Smith: “He says he defended his wife, but he was completely wrong. With all the people in Hollywood are you going to get a wife?“. We talk about football: “If it were up to me the national team would do it by removing the Neapolitans. On Tuesday we won because Mancini removed all the bells. Can you play with a Neapolitan called Immobile? Obviously, then, when the ball arrives, he goes into illness“.

Vittorio Feltri

Crozza / Felts he continues, commenting on the possible nuclear war: “In a bunker with my wife? After two days I open the hatch and go in search of radiation“. Thus ends the episode of Brothers of Crozza of 1 April.

Fratelli di Crozza 1 April live, characters: Edward Luttwak, Silvio Berlusconi, Vittorio Feltri