Fratelli di Crozza 14 October, live: all the imitations and declarations

With Maurizio Crozza, the comedian sidekick Andrea Zalone is also present in the program.

Friday 14 October, from 21:25 on Ninea new appointment airs with Brothers of Crozza. The program is led by Maurizio Crozzawith the participation of Andrea Zalone. During the program, the comedian stages imitations and monologues on the main current issues.

Brothers of Crozza October 14, the words on Ignazio La Russa and Lorenzo Fontana

Part Brothers of Crozza of 14 October. A movie shows the election of Ignazio La Russa to President of the Senate, then Maurizio Crozza enters the studio for the first monologue: “There is nothing to applaud. Liliana Segre had to give way to Ignazio Benito, who has the busts of the original Benito in her house. One hundred years ago there was the March on Rome and now the reverse has begun. But what period is it? We are surrounded: on one side there is Russia, on the other La Russa ”.

During Brothers of Crozza of October 14, the comedian also comments on the election of Lorenzo Fontananeo President of the Chamber of Deputies: “The Senate went to the Brothers of Italy, the Chamber to the Lega. It would have been perfect if there were only two in the center-right. Too bad there is Silvio Berlusconi, who did not take it very well. The Ronzulli veto, on the other hand, is a veto to the meritocracy ”.

Maurizio Crozza the evening continues with the imitation of Silvio Berlusconi: Meloni is violent and when she is angry she screams. But do we want to be led by a woman? She got it all wrong. Women who want to be in politics have to come to me and be pretty. It has always been like this, since the world has been in Monza ”.

Brothers of Crozza October 14 La Russa

We talk about the Democratic Party

Brothers of Crozza October 14 goes on with the parody of Enrico Lettasecretary of Democratic party: “We held two peace demonstrations, one in favor of Ukraine and the other for the women of Iran. How did the idea come about? The other night I was at home watching Amadeus’ I Soliti Ignoti and my wife suggested I change the channel to watch La7, where Walter Veltroni was saying left-wing things. He reproached us for not occupying the squares anymore and so I was enlightened: to do an aperi-sit in. The opposition made in this way is regenerating, better than a massage ”.

Crozza ironizes, then, on the many demonstrations for peace organized in our country, including the event in Naples on 28 October. This makes it possible to present the imitation of Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania Region: “Dear Stoltenberg, if you go out without a hat they’ll sue you for obscene acts in a public place. Italy is NATO’s umbrella stand: when they meet, our Foreign Minister is made to sit at the table with the children, to eat pasta with sauce and cutlet ”.

Brothers of Crozza on October 14 continues with a monologue on the energy situation: “With the crisis, Greta Thunberg reversed and said she was in favor of nuclear power. If the emergency continues for another two months, we find her managing Ilva in Taranto. Meanwhile, Europe continues to be divided over everything and it is inevitable: there are 24 states and the official language is English, which is the language of the only nation that has left the Union ”.

Brothers of Crozza October 14 Mauro Corona

Fratelli di Crozza October 14, imitation of Mauro Corona

Brothers of Crozza of October 14 continues with the imitation of Mauro Corona: “The gas crisis takes us back to the old days, we have to go back to the primordial elements: air, earth, fire and Chianti. Water is a modern invention created by shower addicts. We have to go back to the old, eating the fruits of the earth: if you eat sushi and biscuits you can also enjoy earthworms and bark “.

The comedian now brings the character of Red Ronnie: “I am an anarchist. If they disconnect us from the world, I will not disconnect. On Wednesday I was in the house and I welded a railing and at the same time I turned on an induction plate and the washing machine. Suddenly the light went out. Why don’t they want us to pay off? What are they hiding from us? Yesterday afternoon, Tonini saw a round light that moved from the balcony: it was the UFOs, who intercomed her house. They were looking for an electrician to position the Sky dish on the spaceship ”.

The latest parody of Brothers of Crozza of 14 October is that of Vittorio Feltri: “After years of Sars-Boldrini, Lorenzo Fontana’s arrival in the Chamber is a vaccine. Distinct roles return with him: the man wears the trousers, the woman irons them. In Italy there are only us old men left. Today the woman does not give birth, she is a feminist and wants to work. I, however, have it with Garibaldi: because of him I am considered equal to the inhabitants of the South and this is madness. Neapolitans have tentacles with suckers to steal wallets. Sardinians are so short that their intestines are distributed in their legs. Unions don’t work: every individual should be a nation “. End here Brothers of Crozza of 14 October.

Fratelli di Crozza 14 October, live: all the imitations and declarations