Fratelli di Crozza 18 March live: monologues, characters, parodies

The appointment with the new episode of the TV show Fratelli di Crozza will start at 9:25 pm on Canale Nove.

It starts at 9.25pm ​​on the canal Nine the March 18 episode of Brothers of Crozzathe TV show with Maurizio Crozza. Among the parodies of some television faces, politicians, and monologues focused on current events, which new characters will the Genoese comedian propose?

Fratelli di Crozza 18 March live

The episode of Brothers of Crozza on March 18, it begins with a monologue focusing on the current situation in Ukraine. Immediately after Maurizio Crozza proposes to viewers the parody of the entrepreneur Alberto Forchiellinow a cult of the show. “Our world is now at its extreme unction, but we will manage to spit it out, because oil today does not get it, not even the medellin cartel”.

Among the topical issues on which the Genoese comedian a Brothers of Crozzathere is the increase in the price of gasoline, a hook for the next parody, namely that of the minister of ecological transition Roberto Cingolani: “The excessive cost of gasoline? It is a colossal scam. I do not know why!”.

Brothers of Crozza 18 March

Silvio Berlusconi and Renato Brunetta

The episode of Brothers of Crozza continues with the parody of Silvio Berlusconi: “I don’t invite non-friends to non-marriage. Salvini and Meloni do not invite them “. Immediately after the Genoese comedian is the minister for public administration Renato Brunetta. “Imagine a sexy public administration. Working for the public administration has become sexy today. During the course of the episode of Brothers of Crozza of 18 March, the Genoese comedian focuses attention on the new measures regarding Covid, which will come into force in the coming months.


Luca Zaia – Flavio Briatore – Red Ronnie

Hyper transfer, the super train that will connect Venice and Padua in 5 minutes, is the topic at the center of the next parody of Maurizio Crozzaof the president of the Veneto region Luca Zaia. “It is an event of historic significance for the Veneto. A train that goes 1223 km in an hour. Think what he can do in two hours. An incalculable figure is coming “.

During the course of the episode of Brothers of Crozzathe Genoese comedian proposes the parody of the entrepreneur Flavio Briatore. “The first thing I do when I enter the premises is to go to the bathroom. I’m an annoying type because I go to the toilet right away. I want the staff to be able to cut carpaccio on the premises. Do you know that young people like me? To the baths and to young people. I would like to tell young people to learn how to cut carpaccio, and above all: Look at the bathrooms! ”.

The next parody that Maurizio Crozza proposes is that of the journalist and music critic Red Ronnie: There are a lot of people from the earth who send their children to do Erasmus on the dark side of the moon, so much so that now a box costs 230,000 euros “.

Fratelli di Crozza 18 March live: monologues, characters, parodies