Fratelli di Crozza 4 November, all imitations: Red Ronnie, Matteo Salvini, Vittorio Feltri

During the live broadcast, Maurizio Crozza is accompanied on stage by Andrea Zalone.

Friday 4 November, from 21:25 on Ninea new episode of Brothers of Crozza. The show is conducted by the comedian Maurizio Crozza, which gives rise to numerous imitations and parodies. With him there is the comic shoulder Andrea Zalone. The appointment is available, in live streaming, on Discovery +.

Brothers of Crozza 4 November: Matteo Salvini

Start Brothers of Crozza of 4 November. After a short parody of Sergio Mattarellawho, taking up Shakespeare’s Hamlet wonders whether or not to sign the decree on rave parties, the comedian enters the studio: “I identified with the President’s Hamlet doubt. What could this man have done? The government is blatantly right-wing and this is clear, especially after reintroducing the no vax doctors to the hospital and appointing an undersecretary who dressed up as a Nazi. What more do you need to understand this? In Italy we give 3 to 6 years in prison for young people who go to rave parties. But the decree is not very well written: if you celebrate a birthday with more than 50 people in the park without the authorization of the Police Headquarters, you risk a raid “.

The comedian, during Brothers of Crozza of November 4, speaks of the Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi: “In a week he declared war on NGOs, in addition to managing the La Sapienza event and the Modena rave. On Predappio, on the other hand, he stated that it has been taking place for years. At the Interior Ministry on legality they follow the Highway Code: if you are on the right, you have the right of way “. On Matteo Salvini adds: “He is not a Minister, but a magazine in which there is a bit of everything: cuisine, entertainment, Bridge over the Straits. . . “.

The comedian imitates the Minister of Infrastructure, pretending to make a live broadcast while he is in the bathroom: “The good Lord gave me a colon that is not irritable. For this, I can stay in the bathroom to work. Here the Decrees of Piantedosi are produced. In raves there are abusive weapons and drugs and for this we fight them. Let us leave the weapons to the tobacconists ”.

Brothers of Crozza November 4 Enrico Letta

The comedian parodies Enrico Letta

Brothers of Crozza of 4 November continues. The showman imitates Enrico LettaOutgoing Secretary of Democratic party: “I am looking for a box where to put the contents of the party. I found a container on which there is the word Fragile, which I find perfect for telling the voters our idea of ​​the left. We have to dedicate three Saturdays to define as many strong themes: in my opinion even less was enough, but we wanted to send out a strong signal. However, if we manage to define them all in the first appointment, we can cancel the other two ”.

After a short monologue on the Chinese economy, a Brothers of Crozza the parody of Alberto Forchielli: “In China they are ahead: with us Alessandro Volta had not yet invented the battery that they were already looking for the places where to open the shops to fix the remote controls. However, they are 2,000 years behind in democracy. Once, Xi Jinping’s maid got bleached wrong and received 17 years of hard labor. We want to convert to green by 2050. In that year, the Chinese will lasso supernovae and use them as lampshades ”.

It goes on with the interpretation of Mattia Binotto, Team Principal of the Scuderia Ferrari: “In Mexico the air is thin and the engine has sneezed. Our Ferraris run on pellets, which affects the weight of the cars a little. For this, we will soon try coal. I was wrong to come to work here: I’ve always been better with trains. On Amazon I saw a beautiful wind tunnel: we need it, we have to change it because in ours there is a north wind. We are studying solutions: for example, we thought of dressing up as a Safety Car to be able to stay in front for at least a few laps. Furthermore, we decided to write Ambulance on Leclerc’s vehicle ”.

Alberto Forchielli

Brothers of Crozza 4 November, Red Ronnie and Vittorio Feltri

Brothers of Crozza on Friday 4 November it continues with the now customary imitation of Red Ronnie: “Edoardo planted wheat in the garden. In the morning he found the face of Ivana Spagna drawn. The latter, on the other hand, wrote The Circle of Life. Do you think it is a coincidence? “.

The evening ends with the statements of the fake Vittorio Feltri: “I have seen the decree on rave parties and I am controversial: 6 years are few, they would deserve tougher penalties. For example, they could send them to Pizzo Calabro, which is the equivalent of two life sentences. The fault lies with the parents: today young people come up crooked. In my day there was a dialogue and, in fact, my mother hit me with the ladle. The Meloni government has a lot to do: it must restore order ”.

Fratelli di Crozza 4 November, all imitations: Red Ronnie, Matteo Salvini, Vittorio Feltri