Fratelli di Crozza April 8, all imitations and parodies: the comedian imitates Alessandro Orsini

The show, hosted by Maurizio Crozza, is back on the air with new imitations and parodies.

Friday 8 April, at 21:25, starts on Nine a new episode of Brothers of Crozza. The star of the show is the comedian Maurizio Crozza, which in the course of the episode gives life to numerous imitations and parodies. During the show, then, the comedian is the protagonist of some monologues in which he addresses some of the most discussed current issues.

Fratelli di Crozza 8 April, live: imitation of Alessandro Orsini

The episode of Brothers of Crozza on Friday 8 April begins with the (unedited) imitation of Alessandro Orsini: I am a warrior. I’m not afraid to say freezing phrases. I’m not afraid of Draghi and the parliamentarians who, all together, attack me (…). In dictatorship, children get less bad teeth. If they go hungry, they eat less sugar (…). What can Maurizio Molinari from La Repubblica or Luciano Fontana from Corriere della Sera do to me? What can they do to me? Take my shoes away? And I will walk barefoot. I am a warrior. Do they take my job away? But I can do it all!“.

Brothers of Crozza April 8 Alessandro Orsini

Fratelli di Crozza April 8, live: the first monologue, then imitation of Edward Luttwak

After the first imitation, go into the studio Maurizio Crozza. The comic starts with the first monologue of the episode of Brothers of Crozza on Friday 8 April. Crozza restarts from Alessandro Orsini: “Since it has been ‘censored’, it has been everywhere. In the vitreous eye, self-centeredness manifests itself with a high dose of anxietyto”. The monologue continues and the comedian talks about war crimes, recalling how Zelensky asked for Putin to be sentenced to a court that he himself “did not recognize“. The comedian now imitates Edward Luttwak.

Crozza, imitating the economist, he states: “You, pacifists with a chin stained with stracciatella, see war as an ugly thing. In the Italian deposits you have millions of M113“. The fake economist then brings out a fake magazine called ‘Postalarmi’ (echoing the famous magazine ‘Postalmarket’).I have made three of war. Short, short, small. But they really fired. How many craters I have formed with my M16. In the summer, there is a great desire for garden weapons!“.

Maurizio Crozza the monologue continues in the episode of Brothers of Crozza on Friday 8 April. The comedian is now talking about the reporter Federico Rampini: “The one that looks like it has been combed by a typhoon“. Crozza, then, talk about Ernesto Galli della Loggiawho a few days ago accused the Dad to have taken “pro-Russian positions”. The comedian jokes: “We missed the pro-Russian Pope. Are they angry with him because he’s against the war? Belin, it’s the Pope! Saying no to war is the minimum wage, even the country parish priest would say so. What must the Pope say? Hand out the other machine gun?“. Maurizio Crozza, now, he talks about the purchase of Russian gas by the countries of the European Union. Before delving into the subject, however, the comedian gives the line to the first commercial break.

Maurizio Crozza

Brothers of Crozza April 8, we talk about Enrico Letta and the PD

Brothers of Crozza April 8 returns to air after a few minutes of break. The comedian, regarding gas supplies, broadcasts the film of the director of The Future Marco Tarquinowhich said earlier this week how Ukraine, despite the war, is still buying Russian gas. Crozza, then, remember that yesterday the EU Parliament voted for a total embargo from Russia. Despite this, however, several countries have already expressed their opposition (including Germany). The comedian is now talking about Enrico Letta, Secretary of the Democratic Party.

The former Premier, in fact, he asked about Twitter the Russian oil and gas embargo. Done, this, that Crozza chose to comment: “Tweeting isn’t easy. It would be easy to go to Draghi and threaten a government crisis. Try tweeting from home. It’s not easy. After Renzi and Lega, the PD also started to do politics with tweets “. Crozza, now, he sings his own version of the single Lets Twist Again. The comedianthen, remembers how now the European Union continues to pay for Russian gas and oil, paying an exorbitant price: “They cost like caviar. If this continues, Russia will stop bombing Ukraine – if it buys it!“.

The imitation of Alberto Forchielli

The episode of Brothers of Crozza of April 8 continues with the imitation of the entrepreneur Alberto Forchielli. The comedian says: “Libya was our gas bottle. Then came the baguette eaters. Today, in Libyan prisons, they put them on bread and fois-gras. If we no longer buy gas it is the massacre of puff pastries (…). The average age of Russians is 55. To kill them all, just organize a party: we drink water, they drink vodka. But you have to take a lot of the latter: they get drunk after six tank trucks“.

Brothers of Crozza

Maurizio Crozza speaks of the specter of recession: “We were supposed to finish the year at + 6% of GDP, above Germany. Instead we will end up at -6%, under Ghana. We need to save “. The occasion is good to talk about the construction sites for the Milan-Cortina Olympics of 2026: “The only opportunity to renovate hospitals is to say that sleds go by“. The comedian talks about the bob, recalling the cost for the redevelopment of the track and the low number of practitioners: “If you bring the reserves to the Olympics, you bring them all! Let’s give one million to each of the practitioners and get them to play golf: we would save 50 million“.

Brothers of Crozza April 9 live, the imitation of Luca Zaia

The episode of Brothers of Crozza of 8 April. The comedian imitates Luca Zaia, President of the Veneto Region. “Let’s talk about the Cortina and Milan Olympics. The Lombard city is an intern. We, making the constructions for the Olympics, are respecting the environment. The dynamite we are using is bio. I don’t understand who turns up their noses. In Italy, bobsleighing fascinates 138 million citizens. Ah, only 25 people do the bobsleigh? We were more at the pizza place the other night ”.

Luca Zaia

The comedian continues: “The bobsleigh track, however, is also used for something else. For example, it can also be used as a marble track. Prosecco fun can also be created. We will also make another facility, that of the jumping trampoline. This is a sport that we all practice in Italy since childhood. Once the Olympics is over, the trampoline can be used to play bowling uphill ”.

Crozza imitates Vincenzo De Luca

Crozza the episode continues now: we talk about Vincenzo De Luca, the President of the Campania Region. The comedian remembers how De Luca complained that the Venetians have more funds available: “Do you see how wars start? Now De Luca withdraws the ambassadors from Veneto and Zaia, in response, will close the pizzerias“, The comedian jokes. We now pass to the very imitation of the President De Luca.

Crozza / De Luca: “We are the region that pays 17 days for healthcare. But we are working on getting to pay 17 minutes net. But due to the national bureaucracy, a poor entrepreneur with a creative drive can’t even build a dog’s bed ”. The comedian, imitating the President, continues: “In Campania, the surgeons have to grow the nail of the little finger to make an incision. But that’s enough: the Nordic lobby will have to account for it, but it will be a very hard fight because they have the complicity of the PNRR“. Second commercial break.

Brothers of Crozza April 8 De Luca

Fratelli di Crozza live on April 8, the imitation of Red Ronnie

The episode of Brothers of Crozza of 8 April continues with the imitation of Red Ronnie. The comedian talks about UFOs: “They have been spotted in Camogli and Cuneo, on the 14. But they have been spotted, above all, in Ukraine. The anti-aircraft bombed them, but they did nothing. Don’t believe it? I have the photo!“. And the comedian pulls out a photo taken from a de film The Fantastic Fouror.

Crozza / Ronniethen, he continues and talks about nutrition: “To hear the iguanas, you have to eat the fennel au gratin. (…) The satellites are shooting the aliens, but they don’t want us to see them. A few days ago there was Milan-Bologna and out of San Siro there were fifty aliens. How come, during the match, they never shot outside the stadium, where the cars are parked? ”. The comedian continues: “Tonini, every weekend, goes to Venus to eat in a restaurant. They buy truffles from Albania“. Advertising.

Maurizio Crozza plays Vittorio Feltri

The episode of Brothers of Crozza of 8 April ends with the imitation of Vittorio Feltri, a great classic of the Genoese comedian. The comedian talks about the gas embargo: “It is clear that the greenhouse effect is a cure-all. We need to set up neighborhood intensive farming. A beef a day takes away the Russian methane on duty. Vegans are the enemies of the country (…). I invite everyone to crank the engines and set the tires on fire. Obviously I am aware of the risk that, by doing so, the Italians could become napolized“.

Brothers of Crozza April 8 Vittorio Feltri

On Russian diplomats expelled from Italy: “But what is there to spy on in Italy? Here we just have to stretch the wad and we also give grandma’s gastroscopy. In this country we are so willing to be bought that we stalk spies to buy secrets. We are people who by nature can’t wait to let people know their facts on social media“. Here ends the episode of Brothers of Crozza on Friday 8 April. Next week, the program will not air and, therefore, will return with a new appointment on Friday 22 April.

Fratelli di Crozza April 8, all imitations and parodies: the comedian imitates Alessandro Orsini