Fratelli di Crozza live November 18: from the World Championships in Qatar to the Trivelle in the Adriatic

Crozza deals with current issues through the imitation of personalities from the world of politics and entertainment.

Friday November 18 airs on Nine a new installment of Cross brothers.

As happens in every appointment Mauritius Crozza tells the most relevant current issues through the imitation of characters from the world of politics and entertainment.

Fratelli di Crozza, live November 18, World Cup Qatar

At the opening of the live broadcast on November 18, Maurizio Crozza deals with the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which they will have in winter and in places that used to be deserted. Indeed, he takes care of Doha, there Capital, which within a few decades from a poor country has transformed into one of the most developed countries with skyscrapers and a thriving economy. At the same time Qatar denies civil rights, including those of women and the LGBT community.

Tornado to the topic of wealth Qatar owns i2% of world oil. Panorama also titled an article thus: “Here are the richest countries in the world: Qatar in the lead, Italy in 35th place”.

Focus also on the case of Sarkozy taking as an example the title of an article in Corriere della Sera: “Corruption for the World Cup in Qatar: a secret lunch and Sarkozy’s maneuvers for the millions of emirs”.

Moving on to Italy, he reminds viewers that for the second year theItaly will not participate in the World Cup as it did not rank. Qatar would also be willing to buy Sampdoria.

Maurizio Crozza then imitates Antonio Razzi who believes that instead of the debut of the World Cup in Qatar on Sunday, “phlegm Sunday” will arrive, for this reason he is taking the antibiotic.

Brothers of Crozza 18 November Binotto

Fratelli di Crozza, the other imitations from Binotto to Zaia

The next character played by Crozza is Matthias Binotto and rumors about his farewell to Ferrari due to some tensions with Charles Leclerc. The casus belli concerns the wrong choice of tyres, fitting rain tires when the track was dry.

Brothers of Crozza 18 November Gemmato

The return of advertising deals with Marcellus Gemmato, Undersecretary for Health of the Meloni Government as well as pharmacist which caused a lot of discussion for his statement on the anti Covid vaccines: “Without vaccines would it have been worse? There is no proof”. Crozza’s parody follows, who does not have the reverse burden of proof even for more futile arguments.

Crozza then moves on new environment minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin took part in climate diplomacy at COP27 in Egypt. The most relevant fact is that she had nothing to say about the climate because he doesn’t even know English.

Brothers Luca Zaia

Luca Zaia, Vincenzo DeLuca

Space also at Drills in the Adriatic which received strong dissent from the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, also imitated by Crozza. Attention is then focused on Louis DiMaio who will be the special envoy of the European Union in the Persian Gulf to negotiate the price of gas.

Back to the imitation of Vincent DeLucaPresident of the Campania Region, who criticizes the typical dishes of the other Regions, favoring only those of the South. He then tells of the flight of the Campanians to the North.

In closing Crozza interprets again Red Ronniereturning again to the themes of the afterlife and spirits but also vaccines.

Fratelli di Crozza live November 18: from the World Championships in Qatar to the Trivelle in the Adriatic