Friday January 13, New Year’s Day: is it bad luck? Superstition

Friday the 13th, the first of 2023: does it bring bad luck? The origins of superstitions and horror films to watch for fans of the genre.

Friday 13 January 2023, is the first “unlucky” Friday of the year. At least for those who believe in this superstition, whose origin is very ancient and never completely “disappeared”.

What happens on Friday the 13th?

For many, Friday the 13th brings bad luck. Why, many ask? In reality, the origins of this belief, which – it should be noted – is all the result of real superstition, are very ancient.

There are many traditions that associate number 13 with something negative. In Scandinavian mythology, for example, the cruel god Loki was the 13th of the gods. Even earlier, in the code of Hammurabi (the oldest legislative code in history, dating back to the Babylonian civilization) the 13th law seems to have been omitted. There is no source that testifies whether or not it was an error, but the 13 was certainly not frowned upon even by ancient civilizations.

Even in Christian culture the belief that the number 13 brings bad luck is quite widespread. Do you remember the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday? There were 13 of them at the table that evening, Jesus plus the 12 apostles. And the next day, Good Friday, was the day the son of God died.

Because Friday the 13th brings bad luck, superstitions and curiosities

Is Friday the 13th bad luck? For many yes and there would be a series of strange events, which always happened on this day, which convince the superstitious to pay particular attention on this day. Often these are scary episodes or real tragedies.

Here are some historical episodes which occurred or is said to have occurred on Friday the 13th:

  • Friday 13 October 1307: Many members of the Templar Order, a symbolic religious and military order in the Middle Ages, are said to have been arrested on this day.
  • Bombing of Buckingham Palace by Nazi Germany: it happened on September 13, 1940. Also in that year, it fell on a Friday.
  • Killer cyclone in BangladeshNovember 1970.
  • Shipwreck of the Costa Concordia: one of the tragedies that marked the recent history of Italy took place in 2012. It was Friday 13 January.

The differences with Friday the 17th

The first Friday 13 of 2023 is Friday 13 January. Next month, however, there will be Friday 17 February. These two days are often associated because they are linked to a superstition. There are those who say they are both unlucky and those who associate 17 with luck and 13 with bad luck.

In reality, however, the idea that the 17th brings bad luck is widespread almost exclusively in Italy. Is called heptacaidekaphobia (fear of 17) and has very ancient origins: it seems that the number is associated with the sphere of evil both in Greek and Roman culture. Furthermore, in the Neapolitan Smorfia 17 is associated with misfortune.

Movies to see

Today is Friday January 13, 2023. Like every Friday the 13th, fans of horror movie they will take the opportunity to look for something to watch on TV or in streaming. Here are some ideas:

  • TV series and movies”Friday the 13th“, a real horror saga to be enjoyed;
  • Night of the Living Dead“, a classic of the Sixties that is always current for fans of the genre;
  • The exorcist“, another classic of the horror genre that can surely be good for those who love Friday the 13th;
  • Scary movie“, horror + parody? The winning combination of the well-known saga.
  • Don’t look under the bed“, a Disney Channel classic.

Photo by mnaydenova from Pixabay

Friday January 13, New Year’s Day: is it bad luck? Superstition