Future Film Festival: the special events

The Future Film Festival, to stay on the subject of science fiction, is like a dimensional portal. You enter the cinema, in a museum or in one of the other cultural places that host the exhibition and you find yourself exploring retro-futuristic worlds, playing with 80s consoles, looking for visual clues and broadening your horizons of knowledge.

It is the effect of the many special events that accompany the main competition, the retrospectives and the talks: proposals outside the box (and from the screens) that represent one of the souls of the event scheduled in Bologna from 21 to 25 September, in Modena from 30 September to October 2.

Even the poster created for this 22nd edition is an invitation to “get lost” in other worlds: it is by The.Ogarno, a French author who creates “infinite drawings”, which develop in loop from a single static image, and are revealed gradually thanks to the zoom. A work that has also found its place in a prestigious location such as the Donà dalle Rose Foundation in Venice.

It starts, on 21 September, with the vision of the “Making of” of a small jewel like Manodopera – Forbidden to dogs and Italians, a film by Alain Ughetto. Made of claymation, animated plasticine, it tells the migratory experience of his family, from Italy to France, in the first half of the twentieth century: it is a journey back in time that makes us reflect on the themes of hospitality and uprooting.
(Bologna, Arlecchino Cinema, 5 pm)

Art knows no boundaries: the Future Film Festival is linked to the Linoleum Contemporary Anmation and Media Art Festival in Kiev, the largest Ukrainian independent event dedicated to animation, born in 2014. The twinning was born to expand art out of every frontier, put creativity into circulation and support an important project that is currently experiencing great difficulties due to the war – and the consequent zeroing of funding for culture. In addition to financial support, the “featuring” includes the screening, on September 23, of some of the main works of the Linoleum Festival: Deep Love by Mykyta Lyskov (2019), Deep Water by Anna Dudko (2020), Paper or Plastic by Nata Metlukh , (2020), The Responsible Hero by Roman Lysenko (2021), The Surrogate by Stas Santimov (2020), Unnecessary Things by Dmytro Lisenbart (2020), Until it Turns Black by Anastasiia Falileieva (2019). Until the last moment, confirmation of the presence of the director Anastasiya Verlinska is awaited.
(Bologna, 23 September 2022, 12 noon at the Arlecchino Cinema)

On September 24, space for the Special Horror Stop-Motion Night, which presents an irreverent and irreverent work such as Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, made by Mike Mort in 2018. The film follows the adventures of Chuck Steel, a policeman with a chin as big as a wheelbarrow, rebel, blockhead, nonconformist and nonsense fighting a horde of vampire-like feasting on the blood of drunks. Chuck Steel is a parody of 1980s action movies, violent, vulgar and politically incorrect to the point of unbelievable. The feature film is also interesting on a technical level: every scene of the film is chock full of details, and all the animations were made with double frames per second, making it particularly fluid. Tim Allen participated in its creation, as lead animator, who worked for, among others, Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro’s recent Pinocchio.
(Bologna, Saturday 24 September 2022, 11 pm Cinema Lumière – Sala Mastroianni)

As part of the official “Mario Lodi 100” celebrations, the Future Film Festival dedicates a special Carta Bianca to Mario Lodi, curated by the journalist and writer Carlo Ridolfi. Lodi was a friend and collaborator of the Future Film Festival: the master, extraordinary pedagogue and inventor of the House of Arts and Games, created – in collaboration with the event and in particular the director Giulietta Fara – an innovative laboratory, Fare Tv, which transforms children into actors, authors, technicians, teaching how the mechanisms of the small screen work and freeing the imagination. To remember the figure of him, who passed away in 2009, the Festival has created Carta Bianca a Mario Lodi, a series of three events. We then talk about the relationship between man and nature, with the environmentalist Daniza Celli, the sense of history, or how to tell the intertwining between common lives and great events, and the link between music and art with Barbara Bertoletti, of the House of Arts and Games. Each of the meetings (21 and 22 September in Bologna, 2 October in Modena) will be followed by a screening of short films on the theme, with works from various geographical horizons and from various eras.

Future Film Festival then dedicates an entire day, September 24 in Bologna, to a special event, which follows the trend of Retrofuturo, the leitmotif of this edition. The talk Retrofuture videogames will star Ivan Venturi, co-founder of the first Italian video game software house, Simulmondo, and entrepreneur in the sector: he will be the one to do the honors and welcome many guests, part of the varied world of Italian gaming, videogame pioneers and experts both in hardware and mechanics and electronics. Among them, also many characters linked to Simulmondo.

Among the surprises of the festival there is also a technological gem: O’Psy Town in Komplexscope, created by Komplex, offers a very special interactive experience in “random” and unpredictable moments before the screenings. The public is invited, through a QR Code, to participate in a VR game, and discover, through the screen of their smartphone, a small alternative world full of characters. Stories and design are by Mariano Equizzi, music and sound design by Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi, the digital video by Luca Liggio.
(In Bologna and Modena, every day by surprise).

Likewise, space for technology applied to cinema in the New Frontiers competition section for works in AR, VR, 360 and mixed media. Six works on display: Montegelato by Davide Rapp (Italy, 2021); Dream Builders: the Cenotaph for Newton by Arnaud Desjardins (France, 2022); Peaceful Places by Margherita Landi and Agnese Lanza (Italy, 2021); Volcano | The Sleeping Life by Omar Rashid (Italy, 2021); Lockdown 2020 | Invisible Italy by Omar Rashid (Italy, 2020); 2020: life and death of a virus by Edo Tagliavini (Italy, 2022).
(Bologna, from 21 to 25 September, Cortile della Cineteca)

The exhibitions
RETRO GAME Experience. With the collaboration of Bologna Nerd, a new exhibition space dedicated to the birth of videogaming is born. The Foyer of the Arlecchino Cinema is filled with historic consoles, unforgettable companions of many afternoons in the games room, ready for a dip in the past. These are really playable games, installed in the classic “caissons” of the time. A gift for retrogaming fans and nostalgic die-hards but also the new generations, curious to find out how they had fun a few decades ago.
(Bologna, from 21st to 25th September, Arlecchino Cinema – Foyer 3.00pm-11.00pm)

ANIME ROBOT & CYBORG: the original cel
It is the International Museum and Library of Music that hosts a small treasure for anime lovers. Until October 2, you will be able to admire authentic original cel used to create the most famous Japanese cartoons of the 70s and 80s, such as Astro Boy, Grendizer, Gundam and Conan. These are the acetate sheets on which the lines of the drawings have been transposed, then colored with vinyl tempera: as very precious frames, they are the joy of collectors. They belong to the private collection of Alessandro Cavazza.
(Bologna, Inauguration 20 September at 7pm – from 21 September to 2 October, International Museum and Library of Music)

Future Film Festival: the special events – and effects – of the 22nd edition