Gender Bender 2022, the festival in Bologna. The program of 16 and 17 September

Bologna – Gender Bender is the international festival that intercepts and presents to the public the evolutions with which the imaginaries linked to the genre change in the contemporary arts. Created and directed by Daniele Del Pozzo, in co-direction with Mauro Meneghelli, it is now in its 20th edition.

Bologna – The Festival runs until 22 September. Here are the events of 16 and 17 September

Bologna – Friday 16 September at 6 pm (and in rerun at 9.30 pm) at Atelier Sì (via San Vitale, 69) it is a show of great effect to inaugurate the dance section at Gender Bender, on stage, in fact, O samba do crioulo doido, a show created by the choreographer Brazilian Luiz de Abreu and that he himself has staged for over a decade. Then, having become blind, de Abreu transmitted the choreography to the young dancer Calixto Neto, the protagonist of this new staging.

With pungent irony Luiz de Abreu constructs a show of criticism and reflection on the representation of the black body, often the object of erotic and exotic fascination. In the dim light of the stage, Calixto Neto engages in a parody of the Brazilian carnival, classical ballet and all the signs and stereotypes that take root in culture and imaginaries. Humor and lightness thus become devices to reverse the point of view and start the individual towards a process of liberation and redemption. Luiz de Abreu’s work is a radical act of crossing over and deconstructing the stereotypes of the colonial gaze linked to the black body. After the reply at 9.30 pm he follows a conversation with the artist in dialogue with the radio journalist Marco Mescoli.

The author’s dance and the black body theme also in gr oo ve (8 pm at the Sonato Market, via Giuseppe Tartini, 3), a show by the French choreographer of Malagasy origins Soa Ratsifandrihana, for years soloist of the Rosas company of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker for which she also performed in the solo Phase, acclaimed as “Best Dance Show of 2019” by the New York Times.

The first work of Ratsifandrihana develops around the concept of groove, that rhythmic sequence that is repeated cyclically and makes the music beat like a heart. In the joyful abandonment to rhythm, composed of a double articulation of high-tech metallic sounds and instrumental echoes, the choreographer immerses herself in childhood memories, in family dances made of small and sophisticated gestures that were amplified thanks to the relationship with those who he watched them. The same relationship is established on the scene between artist and audience, giving that pleasure and that sense of sharing and proximity that dance can generate. Following conversation with the artist (For this appointment it is necessary to obtain a valid Arci card or sign a new one on site before the start of the event) (in rerun tomorrow, Saturday 17 at 21.30, Sonato Market) .

The Cinema section (Cinema Lumière, p.zzetta Pasolini, 2) begins at 8.00 pm with Nel mio Nome, a documentary by Niccolò Bassetti, produced by Elliot Page, which follows the lives of four young people who have undertaken, at different times, the transition of gender from feminine to masculine. Having met in Bologna, but coming from different parts of Italy, the boys forge a strong bond of friendship. Day after day they bravely face the many difficulties of a rigidly binary world. Starting from the personal experience he had with his son Matteo, Bassetti gives the word to the boys, who tell their present and their past in the first person by intertwining childhood memories, those of adolescence and those of the formation of gender identity. The director is present at the screening.

To follow, at 10.30 pm, in the national premiere Bliss, by the three German directors Katharina Behrens, Malik Blumenthal and Jean-Luc Bubert, the love story of two sexworkers who meet in a Berlin brothel. The film explores the world of sex, the female body and relationships through the story of two charismatic and determined women and their path of liberation and self-determination.

From 11.00 pm at Cassero LGBTI + Center (via Don Minzoni 18) Luftraum – MxTechno, an evening of rhythm and techno, which disrupts the binary patterns by moving bodies of all kinds (free admission and without a card).

Saturday 17

Saturday 17 dance is the protagonist of the ninth day of the festival. At 6.30 pm Atelier Sì (via San Vitale, 69) hosts the national premiere of We are present, a show by the Italian choreographer, but based in Denmark, Fabio Liberti.
A performance-event that brings the public closer to the artistic process that lies behind a choreographic creation, giving the opportunity to actively participate in it. Spectators and spectators will play a decisive role in creatively directing the work, thanks to simple inputs that the choreographer will have to process and interpret instantly, thus influencing the construction of the piece until it becomes an integral part of it going up on stage. A playful participatory device that draws on the energy and spontaneity of a unique and unrepeatable moment, to reveal the creative potential that is in us as individuals and as a group (to be repeated tomorrow, Sunday 18 at 16.30).

At 4 pm at Das (via del Porto 11/2) scheduled Wannaplay, the dance and electronic music improvisation session with the 14 choreographers and choreographers, from seven different countries, of the European project Performing Gender – Dancing In Your Shoes.

At 9.30 pm Sonato Market (via Giuseppe Tartini, 3), replica of G r oo ve (8 pm at the choreographer Soa Ratsifandrihana. For the film section (8 pm, Cinema Lumière) from Romania Poppy Field (Romania, 2020, 82 ‘), film by Eugen Jebelea, a drama with a very tight script, which tells the harsh reality of a macho environment that forces the protagonists to repress their identity, living in shame and silence

The evening (from 11 pm) is at Cassero LGBTI + Center (via Don Minzoni 18) with Me gusta, Hip Hop, reggaeton and pop party by Cassero that makes you dance with the best of the international Hip Hop scene (free admission and without card).

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Gender Bender 2022, the festival in Bologna. The program of 16 and 17 September