Gender Bender 2022, the festival in Bologna

Bologna – Friday 9 September the 20th edition of Gender Bender, the finternational estival that intercepts and presents to the public the evolutions with which the imaginaries linked to the genre in contemporary arts changecreated and directed by Daniele Del Pozzo, in co-direction with Mauro Meneghelli and produced by Cassero LGBTI + Center in Bologna.

Bologna – At 9 pm the cinema section opens with Cut! (Spain, 2021, 78′vo Italian subtitles), a camp-hued horror-comedy by Spanish Marc Ferrer, which pays homage to Dario Argento’s cinema by mixing genres and styles, in a fun parody populated by exuberant and vital characters. Marcos is an unsuccessful Spanish director immersed in the filming of his new film: a queer, low-budget version of the Italian thrillers of the 1970s.

Bologna – When a series of terrible murders involving the film’s cast and crew begin to unfold in Barcelona, ​​Marcos becomes both a possible target of the killer and the prime suspect by investigators. Drawing heavily from Italian pop culture, CUT! offers us a funny and grotesque parody of cinema populated by exuberant and vital queer characters (Giardino del Cavaticcio).

For the party section, The sounds of LaRoboterie return to the Festival, the queer techno project that since 2007 has been touring Italy from south to north, from the coast to the islands, mixing the deepest techno with some electro beats, acid and downtempo drifts, sophisticated rhythms and melancholy melodies . Music, video art, mapping, performance and an innate attitude to break the boundaries between genres. Queer performance where sexuality is a complex world, without limits of expression and open to the freedom to be what everyone wants (from 11.00 pm Cassero LGBTI + Center – free admission without a card).


Saturday 10 the festival day begins at 7.00 pm with the presentation of the book by the writer bell hooks, the Will to change, milestone of feminist thought and struggle, with the scholar Maria Nadotti in conversation with Giuseppe Burgio, Associate Professor of General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Enna (free admission , Cassero LGBTI + center).

From 9.00 pm everyone at the Giardino del Cavaticcio for Besties (France, 2021, 80 ‘), the first work by French artist Marion Desseigne Ravel, a love story in the name of desire and self-discovery. Nedjma is a teenager who lives with her mother and sister in a popular district of Paris: a family environment characterized by a strong sense of belonging. The arrival in the neighborhood of Zima, a new fascinating neighbor, completely upsets the life and certainties of Nedjma. Sheltered from the prying eyes of friends and family, the two girls fall in love with her and Nedjma, torn between her loyalty to her group of friends and her stormy desire, will begin to question her own identity. With sensitivity and depth, Marion Desseigne Ravel’s first work transports us into a love story marked by desire and self-discovery.

The evening (from 11.30 pm, Cassero LGBTI + Center) is full of enthusiasm and Italian pop culture with Party In Nome del Pop Italiano; all on the track, therefore, with “local” pieces that have entered the history of pop (free admission and without a card).


Sunday 11 September at 9 pm, in the presence of Raphaelle Pérez, screenwriter and lead actress, My emptiness and I(Spain, 2022), film by the Spaniard Adrián Silvestre, a delicate and emotional tale of a girl, Raphi, who begins a transition process in search of her identity and her place in the world (Giardino del Cavaticcio).

At 7 pm there is talk of bisexuality in the meeting with Giuseppe Burgio, author of Fuori Binario, in conversation with the sociologist Giulia Selmi. There has been very little research on male bisexuality. Giuseppe Burgio’s essay, published by Mimesis, intends to fill the gap by studying the scientific literature on homosexuality. A dossier of desires, practices and representations to question the traditional way in which we think about male sexuality and sexual orientation, in the direction of a more fluid, complex and queer learning. (Free admission, booking on the DICE platform recommended, Cassero LGBTI + center).


Monday 12 at 9 pm at the Giardino del Cavaticcio, Gender Bender presents Overtour (Italy, 2021, 77), the documentary by Andrea Zanoli that tells the ten-year artistic research path of the choreographer Silvia Gribaudi with women over 60, throughout Italy.
Present at the screening, Silvia Gribaudi and the protagonists of the film.
Silvia Gribaudi is one of the most important Italian performers and choreographers. The constant research on her non-conforming bodies has led her to work over the last decade with women over 60 from all over Italy, all without artistic or performative experience, gently accompanying them to cross the boundaries that society imposes on them. Through the story of Gribaudi and three women who participated in the workshops, the documentary traces the stages and places of this project (starting from Bologna and Gender Bender with some of the first workshops and performances of over 60s) as evidence of an original path of discovery and liberation of bodies at all ages. With the support of Coop Alleanza 3.0

At 7.00 pm at the Renzo Renzi Library, Lejla Kalamujić, queer writer, emerging voice of Balkan literature, presents her latest book, Chiamatemi Esteban, which retraces the dissolution of a family and of her country, the former Yugoslavia. In dialogue with her, the writer, art historian and translator Alessandra Sarchi (free admission).

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Gender Bender 2022, the festival in Bologna