Halloween on Prime Video: 10 horror movies to watch for an evening of terror

Are you looking for some scary movies for Halloween night? The Prime Video catalog is vast and here we help you choose a different horror movie from the usual famous titles you already know.

It is Halloween! A holiday imported into Italy for commercial reasons to which we are now fond of.
But even if it isn’t, you might still find each other looking for a horror movie a must see for a home evening. In this article we have compiled a list of ten titles which can come in handy when you’re tired of always happening on the famous films you already know, when your friends have run out of advice or when you want to see something not necessarily memorable, but different from the usual.

Maybe you’ve said to yourself “there won’t be too much content on streaming platforms?”. The answer is yes, for this you need a guide every now and then and if you have a season ticket Prime Videosyou are in the right place for find a horror movie. Whether contaminated by action, thriller, sci-fi or western genres, yours creepy evening is guaranteed.

Prime Video: 10 horror movies to stream on Halloween for a creepy evening

  • Synchronic (2019)
  • The Mist (2008)
  • The Color Out of Space (2019)
  • The House in the Woods (2011)
  • Are You Still Here (2018)
  • Bone Tomahawk (2015)
  • The Cure from Wellness (2017)
  • The Rental (2020)
  • Black Box – Find Yourself (2020)
  • Cold Skin (2017)

Synchronic (2019)

You know the protagonists well. One is Anthony Mackiethe Falcon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now new Captain America. The other is Jamie Dornanthe Mister Gray of the trilogy of 50 shades of Grey. The film titled synchronic but he is a semi-unknown sci-fi horror. Do you want to give it a chance? It’s the story of two New Orleans paramedics who try to stop the inevitable. A new drug is ravaging the city, leaving behind a string of horrific deaths from strange and sinister side effects. Below the trailer to convince you or to keep scrolling to other titles.

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The Mist (2008)

Not among the most famous, but undoubtedly one of the most successful adaptations of a novel by Stephen King. Indeed, precisely from the first story of the collection Skeletonspublished in 1985. The Mistor The fog, is the story of a small town in the American province that is enveloped in a strange haze that becomes increasingly dense. Some citizens take refuge inside a supermarket because something mysterious and horrible is hiding in the fog and the inhuman screams that are heard from inside confirm it.

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The Color Out of Space (2019)

Among the many questionable titles of the last ten years in which he is the protagonist Nicolas Cagethere is also The color that came from space. It is a sci-fi horror that tells the story of a family who have recently moved to a remote New England farm, hoping to escape the frenetic hustle and bustle of our times. But that much-needed serenity is disturbed by the impact of a meteorite right in the garden of their new home. The alien body, fused with the ground, begins to emit mysterious radiations to everything around it, altering and infecting every form of life it comes into contact with. The film is based on a short story by HP Lovecraft.

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The House in the Woods (2011)

Five boys choose a house in the countryside, apparently isolated and quiet, as a destination for a fun-filled weekend. At a petrol station a shady individual, an accomplice in who knows what mysterious plan, gives uncertain directions to the boys: it is the first disturbing detail, to which however the friends do not give much weight. Indeed, it is only when they reach their destination that the relaxing stay seems to take a different turn: the protagonists discover strange objects in the cellar and Dana, reading the diary of an ancient inhabitant of the house, unknowingly awakens a family of zombies. That house in the woods is horror film that lets you discover Chris Hemsworth before it became Thor (due to the performance in this film, the actor was cast in the role of superhero, but That house in the woods was released in theaters late, a year after the film Marvel).

Watch Cabin in the Woods now on Prime Video

Are You Still Here (2018)

If you are a fan of Bella Thornewith Are you still here go safe. This directed horror thriller based on the book of the same name by Daniel Watersfollows the story of a teenage girl who enjoys breakfasting with the specter of her father, who died a decade earlier along with millions of other northerners when a top-secret science experiment ended catastrophically in tragedy. When another revenant unknown to her begins to follow her, causing effects on the real world that are completely unusual for one of them, the girl seeks her help by turning to her trusted teacher of school.

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Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Warning because this movie is a western horror really out of the ordinary. If you know the director Craig S. Zahler you know that you are faced with an unusual style of storytelling, with dilated times, dialogues and (when they arrive) particularly gory scenes because shot in a realistic way and not cinematic. Bone Tomahawk begins with two outlaws who rob and kill the patrons who happen to stop in their area. One day, to escape from the authorities, they come across an Indian cemetery that one of the two decides to desecrate and, for this reason, is killed by the natives. His partner manages to reach the small town of Bright Hope. The Sheriff, played by Kurt Russell, interrogates him, but trying to escape is wounded and locked up. The next day he disappears together with the doctor who operated on him and the deputy sheriff. Thinking they have been kidnapped, the sheriff and other men go in search of them without knowing which tunnel of horror they are about to enter.

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The Cure from Wellness (2017)

You haven’t seen this yet horror written and directed by the visionary Gore Verbinskythe director of The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean and Rank? Remedy immediately. The cure from well-being follows the story of a young and ambitious Wall Street broker, played by the charismatic Dane DeHaan, who is sent by his company to a remote location at the foot of the Swiss Alps with the task of bringing its CEO back to New York. The latter is expected to conclude an important million-dollar deal, but he has informed his partners that he has no intention of interrupting the treatments, which he claims are miraculous, at the wellness center where he is a guest. When the young man arrives at the facility to pick him up, things happen that make him regret going there.

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The Rental (2020)

And this is the nightmare of anyone who rents an apartment or a villa for a few days of vacation. The Rental it’s a horror thrillers which follows the story of two pairs of friends who book an oceanfront home for a weekend getaway online. Once there, their expectations are confirmed, the place is fabulous, but the owner appears to be a strange and creepy man. Furthermore, the four old friends hide dark secrets that come to light during the holiday and which add to the suspicion of being spied on by the owner of the villa. Directed by Dave Francobrother of James, while in the cast you can recognize Alison Brie (Glow, Mad Men), Dan Stevens (The beauty and the Beast), Sheila Vand (Snowpiercer, the series) e Jeremy Allen White (Shameless, The Bear).

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Black Box – Find Yourself (2020)

We are in Louisiana. A man lost his wife in a car accident. Left alone with a daughter to take care of, he decides to undergo an experimental therapy, because his memory falters and it is not clear whether it is a consequence of the physical or psychic trauma. During the treatment, the man relives a dark and terrible past, which does not seem to belong to him. The sinister memories that resurface in his mind under hypnosis lead him to doubt his very identity. black boxalso known by the title Find yourselfis a horror thriller produced by the well-known company blumhouse.

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Cold Skin (2017)

the history ofaction horror Cold Skin begins in the year 1914. A former IRA fighter is assigned to reside for a year on a remote island in the Arctic Circle, with the task of recording and measuring atmospheric events. He doesn’t take long to discover that that place is inhabited by hostile amphibious creatures. For twelve months the man spends his days inside the cabin of a lighthouse, where there is also the old keeper, a crazy and lonely officer accompanied by a mysterious creature named Aneristreated as a pet. How much pain can a heart take? This is the launch phrase that heads the poster. But which heart are you talking about? The film is a co-production between France, USA and Spain and is directed by Xavier Genformer director of The Divide, Crucifixion and Hitman.

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Halloween on Prime Video: 10 horror movies to watch for an evening of terror