“He doesn’t see that I love him this son of…”: Camille Lellouche balances on the father of her baby in Marrakech laughter!

On July 19, a festive atmosphere invaded the antenna of M6. A live celebration to which viewers of the channel were also invited from their homes. What exactly were we celebrating? This is the anniversary of the Marrakech laughter festival presented by Jamel Debbouze! It is noted that this program has now reached its 10 years of success on television. To mark the event, the host invited all his humorist friends, including Camille Lellouche. Strangely, the latter almost ruined the party! We explain to you!

Camille Lellouche was specially invited by Jamel Debbouze!

Camille Lellouche: Marrakech du rire is already a very famous program on screen. Of a parodic nature, this television show brings together thousands of people passionate about good jokes for an extraordinary laugh. To give pleasure to his fans, Jamel Debbouze bends over backwards to bring together the best comedians and comedians of the year whose goal is to ensure his visibility. So far, we can say that the latter ensures because the show celebrates its 10th anniversary this year !

Faced with such a feat, Jamel Debbouze wanted to immortalize this moment in a grandiose way. Since the confinement is over, the latter could not help but organize a big party for the occasion. He invited all the comedians they knew.

However, we note that most of them were absent at roll call ! By way of example, we cite Gad Elmaleh, Florence Foresti, Malik Bentalha and Franck Dubosc. Nevertheless, his special guest Camille Lellouche kindly honored his presence !

The influencer is screwing up everyone’s morale with her revelation!

In general, a party is considered a time of joy. For this purpose, one should evoke only joyful things. However, Camille Lellouche insisted on speaking in public during the event. It is worth pointing out that this was not to share his joy with viewers. With her big rounded belly, she revealed herself on stage in front of everyone. When Jamel Debbouze wanted to start the conversation with by asking him for news, she made confessions !

It should be noted that the latter questioned Camille Lellouche about her pregnancy and her mysterious companion. We all know that at the beginning this influencer did not want to deliver anything on her personal life. This time, by magic, she responded to the host but indirectly.

Revealing the sex of the baby, she replied: “He is Algerian”! Then she added that the father of her child took care of them in every way but did not live with her and her baby! An impressive revelation intriguing the crowd !

Camille Lellouche is in a complicated relationship!

The enigmatic answer by Camille Lellouche in the Marrakech laughter festival put the chip in everyone’s ear. What did the young woman mean by her insinuations? It might be about the reason why she keeps the identity of the father very secret !

Could it be that the father of Camille Lellouche’s child is already engaged? At the same time, the latter does not love her as she loves him! In the end, the only link that could bind them is the child and thatshe will probably be a single mother all her life !

“He doesn’t see that I love him this son of…”: Camille Lellouche balances on the father of her baby in Marrakech laughter!