Here are the best parodies of films and series during this period of confinement

In this period of confinement conducive for some to creativity, a small selection of funny or poetic diversions of feature films and series, posted on social networks.


This duo is on the way to becoming even more famous than Catherine Deneuve, Barack Obama and Joe Exotic’s peroxidized mullet put together (yeah). Marion Creusvaux and Julien Pestel, authors and actors, have been publishing videos parodying famous feature films since the start of confinement, in a hilarious way.

Of shining at dirty dancing Passing by Charmed (<3) or Impossible mission and Mom I missed the planethey thus reveal every day on their joint Instagram account, @creustel, viral mini-films where they dub the characters, the dialogues relating to the absurd situations induced by confinement and the Covid-19 – what, THERE IS MORE FLOUR ?

“The fall”

If this scene from the movie The fall has already been the subject of numerous hijackings, this parody signed by the @worldtvdesinfo Twitter account is reaching new heights. In this video, Hitler (the president) and his generals (ministers) converse on the occasion of the “last extraordinary Council of Ministers devoted to the coronavirus”. To sum up, the dictator yells at his henchmen when they remind him of the shortage of masks – a sad reality irl – or that the health crisis is much worse than expected – ditto.

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“One, back, tres”

Ah, the famous school of arts and the scene of Carmen Arranz… In this video, a surfer named celili reproduced all the credits of the famous Spanish series One, Dos, Tres – admit that you watched it, too, in 2017 ahem 2008 -, featuring the choreographies of all the characters. Special mention to Diana’s baby – the modern dance teacher who plays the game of “I love you neither” with Juanthe music teacher – transformed into a Minnie backpack.

Canelle Doublekick & Gael Mectoob

Gaël Mectoob, ex-10 minutes to lose and current member of “Bapt & Gaël” and the burlesque dancer effeuillage and DJ Canelle Doublekick reveal every day on their respective Insta very short and funny videos featuring them in unlikely situations and outfits – we note here the use of very beautiful cassocks. If they don’t just produce movie hijackings, their adorable, psychedelic parody ofan endless day should in any case please you (and the song will stay in your head all day), as well as their cover of the song Secret dreams of a prince and a princess in Donkey Skin (smoking a pipe is bad).


“The singer couldn’t come and record the song, because of the confinement, sorry.” This is how David, from the channel Ganesh2, describes his hijacking of the credits of Friends. And indeed, only the famous music of the series is audible in this video where we see Rachel, Phoebe or even Chandler watching with melancholy the drops of water falling outside, no doubt dreaming of the blessed day when, finally, iels will be able to dance in the rain without risking crossing the cap of Didier Lallement (Edouard Philippe said that it was not for now, sorry). It’s funny, apart from the end, terrible.

Lockdown at the cinema

From Marjane Satrapi to Wes Anderson via Jean-Luc Godard, Briac Durand and Joséphine Onteniente have reproduced several scenes from famous films in their 28 square meter apartment, adapting the dialogues to talk about you know what. From the costumes to the decoration, carefully chosen, the result is particularly successful and poetic. We particularly like the tribute to Michael Bay (admittedly little known for being the Baudelaire of the 2000s) – BOOM!

BONUS – Celeste Barber

Well, this is about hijacking commercials, but because an enlightened and impartial scientific consortium led exclusively by ourselves said ok, we decided to include Celeste-fucking-Barber in this selection. This absolutely hilarious Aussie has long been offering parodies of “beauty” ads and other flattering Instagram posts of celebrities with perfect builds – at least, according to the dictates of “beauty” imposed on women in our world. sick sad world.

In the post selected here – but we could just as well have highlighted this reproduction of a sports session in a leopard outfit under vodka (Celeste, not the animal) – the humorist imitates in an inspired way a Milla Jovovich very focused on furniture. Ironic subtitle of this video: “I’M FINE”, way of remembering how confinement can potentially be trying for mental health. Fluid camera movements, finesse of the staging, intensity of the character: it’s all there.

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Here are the best parodies of films and series during this period of confinement – Les Inrocks