Here are the most popular French videos on YouTube in 2022

YouTube has unveiled the list of the most popular videos in France this year. Star youtubers and rap clips are in the lead.

Do we still need to present YouTube? With 40 million users in France and an average of 36 minutes per day spent on the platform by its French users, the video hosting site has established itself as a must in the Internet landscape. In this context, YouTube presented, this Thursday, December 8, the ten most popular videos, excluding music videos, listed on the platform – until last November.

In this category, and unsurprisingly, the content offered by star youtubers takes the lion’s share. This is how we find Squeezie at the top of the rankings with his video “Who is the impostor?” produced in collaboration with Jonathan Cohen and Mister V. Published six months ago, the video totals 15 million views.

With 14 million views on the counter, “7 days to survive alone on a desert island”, the video of the youtuber Inoxtag (5.81 million subscribers), grabs the second position. McFly and Carlito duo complete the podium with named content “We call random people” (10 million views) produced in collaboration with the inevitable Squeezie.

Humor and challenges: the winning formula

For their part, Michou and Mister V respectively reach fourth and fifth place in this list. The first for a video in which he talks about his relationship with his girlfriend Elsa (8 million views) and the second for parody content related to the launch of his pizza range (7.7 million views).

“Le clash des films” (7.3 million views) by Cyprien takes seventh place in the rankings while “Interrogation under lie detector #2” by Mastu, in association with Inoxtag, takes eighth position . For its part, GMK, the youtuber specializing in sports cars, took ninth place with the sequence “Sébastien Loeb makes me vomit in my M4 !! It drifts in all directions” which totals 5 million views. It is Joyca who brings up the rear with “Find the cake”, a video filmed with Seb La Frite.

The unchallenged domination of rap

Rap, with no less than nine contents in the Top 10, stands out as the musical genre whose music videos are the most viewed in France on YouTube this year. Soolking and sound “Suavely” (181 million views) occupy first place in the charts, followed by a long way by the Timal-Gazo duo with “Filtré” which garnered 57 million views in nine months. “J’ai tout su” by Jul takes third place, followed in fourth position by Soolking, again, for his collaboration with Niska on the title “Balader”. “Calm Down” de Rema finds himself fifth, Ninho and his clip “Jefe” sixth.

Aya Nakamura, in collaboration with Damso, reached seventh position with the video for her single “Dégaine” when “Traficante” by Marseille rapper Alonzo took eighth place. Fresh, winner of the Netflix Nouvelle Ecole telecrochet, ranks ninth with the clip of his single “Chop” (39 million views). The summer hit “Fade Up”, signed ZEG P, Hamza and SCH, brings up the rear (30 million views).

500 French channels with more than one million subscribers

The Youtube ranking is also interested in French creators who have gained the most subscribers on the platform this year. Mastu, named by YouTube as one of the most influential content creators of the year, takes first place followed by MrBeast in French and Michou. Inoxtag takes fourth place, THEODORT of the fifth. Squeezie (sixth), Aminematue (seventh), BATZAIR (eighth), JOYCA (ninth) and Unchained_Off (tenth), complete the list.

YouTube also revealed some key data on the state of its platform in France. Thus, 500 French channels have more than one million subscribers and 5000 channels more than 100,000 subscribers, revealed YouTube. In addition, 20 million French people watch YouTube on their television and among the 40 million French users of the site, a figure stopped in August 2022, 17 million come there every day.

Here are the most popular French videos on YouTube in 2022