his sister Claudette attacks Valérie Lemercier, “She refused the meeting”

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In the book Céline Dion, the real story, which we were able to consult, Claudette Dion, the sister of Céline Dion, attacks Valérie Lemercier again.

Alinethe film freely inspired by the life of Celine Dionstrongly reacted to the singer’s entourage when it was released on November 10, 2021. Valérie Lemercier, who directed the film and played Celine Dion at all ages of her life, was criticized by the singer’s siblings. Claudette and Michel Dion had notably criticized to Valérie Lemercier a “lack of research” and “of authenticity”, errors on the life and the family of Celine Dion and had the impression of pass for a family of ignoramuses and boors. The words did not seem strong enough to depict their dissatisfaction with this film for which Valérie Lemercier received the César for best actress.

Just a year after the film’s release, Claudette Dion is putting it back on. In the biography Celine Dion, the real story, written by Laurence Pieau and Hervé Tropéa, the sister of the singer attacks again the actress and director. In the book, which will be published on November 17 by Robert Laffont, she explains: Valérie Lemercier had a nasty star trip.” She again regrets the “miserabilism” used to portray Celine Dion’s family: “We lived in a comfortable house, it’s important for us to say that. So, to say that Céline in a wedding dress had to go out the window…She also criticizes a scene from the film in which the Dion family does not seem to know the Vatican: “We know what the Vatican is. “Vautican”, why do we say “Vautican”? We were made fun of. Everything was reinvented for nothing. It is not Clément who follows Céline everywhere but Michel. And then my mother never spoke like that to René.”

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Claudette Dion attacks Valérie Lemercier

Claudette Dion seems very upset against Valérie Lemercier, reproaching her “of never having been able to exchange” with her. She specifies: Valérie Lemercier refused the meeting. Initially, this film was to be a parody. Afterwards, Valérie Lemercier made us believe that she simply wanted to tell the love story with René.” In November 2021, Valérie Lemercier had already defended herself against criticism from Celine Dion’s family.

In Montreal newspaper, she specified: “It’s cinema, it’s fiction.” She added: “I’m not going to apologize for existing and for having made this film. (…) I said from the start that this film was fiction and that there are many things that have been invented and romanticized. (…) I was very careful to pay tribute to Céline and never damage her and her family.” Anyway, a year later, the anger and disappointment of Claudette Dion do not weaken.

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his sister Claudette attacks Valérie Lemercier, “She refused the meeting”