Hollyblood, 5 anecdotes about the vampiric romantic comedy

Crazy comedy, Hollyblood is the dose of laughter we all need. A light film carried by three young talents: Oscars Casas, Isa Montalbán and Carlos Suárez which you can enjoy on Netflix.

5 facts about the movie Hollyblood

We give you 5 anecdotes about this fiction full of vampires that are not scary.

Hollyblood is a film directed by Jesús Font a director mainly of television series who proposed a light comedy that he describes as a family production around adolescence.

1/ Hollyblood was supposed to be a parody of Twilight:

Javi is a normal teenager with a rather boring life Everything is so quiet and classic that Sara the girl he is madly in love with does not even see that he exists. It must be said that she is only interested in one thing: the Hollyblood literary saga on vampires, of which she is desperately awaiting the release of the film. Javi doesn’t know how to get her attention, but he’s determined to tell Sara how he feels about her. However, a series of unforeseen events and misunderstandings lead Sara to believe that Javi is a vampire. She now knows that he exists and to please her, he decides to play her game.

Along with remorse for the deception, he’ll have to deal with: the high school bully, Sara’s stubborn best friend, and a fanatic Van Helsing obsessed with vampire hunting.

What none of them knows is that an ancient and evil menace lives in their institute and is ready to strike again. They will therefore have to choose between making things right and fighting together or succumbing to the most powerful vampire of all time…

Initially, Hollyblood was to be a parody of the famous Twilight saga However, the director and screenwriter José Pérez Quintero decided to change things by further developing the characters. Thus, the project gradually grew to not only be a comedy but also a romance, an action and adventure film. The director wanted that behind the laughter, viewers could feel an attachment to the characters.

He confirmed that Hollyblood does not make fun of twilight which he considers an important phenomenon in which many teenagers have identified themselves. We wink at it, we laugh at it a few times, but more generally, he sees the film as a tribute to these cult productions around adolescence.

2/ A rather hectic promotion due to a very friendly trio:

Hollyblood is a story of love, but above all of friendship that took shape in real life. Indeed, during filming, the three main actors got along very well. Oscars Casas and Isa Montalbán knew each other before working on this film since they had collaborated on the filming of Xtremo which is also to be seen on Netflix. However, they had little scene together and Isa was initially intimacy with the comedian. It was only during the preparation that they were able to take the time to discuss.

With Carlos Suárez, they quickly bonded so well that promotion was difficult. They chained the interviews together, which for the most part took place with giggles. This genuine relationship results in some pretty honest footage. It must be said that they are barely older than their characters and they could therefore easily identify with them.

3/ Actors who had creative freedom:

Hollyblood is a film that relies on a young cast carried by Oscars Casas, Isa Montalbán and Carlos Suárez who were initially recruited separately. Director Jesús Font wanted them to prepare their characters together. They were therefore gathered for a month during which they chained the rehearsals before the shooting. However, things did not go as planned. Indeed, they later said that many sequences prepared upstream took a completely different turn.

For example, Isa Montalbán explained that her state of mind at the time of filming had changed so much that it was reflected in certain scenes like the swimming pool sequence where she finds herself with Oscar Casas. It is a moment of emotion, where her character confides in a difficult period that she played with naturalness by following her feelings. Oscar confirmed that Jesús Font gave them this opportunity to improvise which turned out to be beneficial.

4/ Did the actors succumb to phenomena during their adolescence?

Hollyblood is a film that deals with the passions of adolescence. Films, series and literary sagas, who has not succumbed during this period to a fashion phenomenon? Sara the main character is passionate about the universe of vampires.

Did they follow the twilight phenomenon? Actress Isa Montalbán confessed yes during a radio interview
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. She explained in particular that she had seen many films around this theme, also being a great fan of literary sagas such as “A palace of thorns and roses”.

For his part, Oscar Casas was not passionate about Crépusculos but gave in to Harry Potter, which he assiduously followed until the end. He said he spent a night reading the final volume.

5/ Hollyblood, a film that is a UFO in Spanish cinema:

Jesús Font, who directed the film, wanted to mix genres from the start. If fantastic or horrific comedies are common in the United States, it is still very rare to see “made in Spain” ones. According to him, we either do horror or laugh and he wanted Hollyblood to be different. He explained in particular:

I wanted to integrate into a fantastic story, characters in real situation carried by popular actors and others less known. I wanted to create an entertaining film and that is its only function. Hollyblood is a romantic comedy, a bit scary because it’s also fun to be scared!

Jesus Font

It is true that in Spain, it is still a style that we rarely see. From memory, the only film approaching this one is Promocion fantasma. Besides, speaking of the paranormal, what do the actors think of it?

Isa recounted having had a paranormal experience that marked him. One evening, coming back from a party and having eaten, she lay down on her sofa and swears that she heard a noise and that when she woke up she saw a white ghost pass in front of her.

HollyBlood is a fantasy film to amuse, entertain and thrill that builds on the theme of vampires with a dose of romance. We spend a moment of terrifying pleasure, with surges of adrenaline and emotion. Some teenage protagonists fight vampires with stabs, dribbling bites, and with a chain of garlic on their shoulders. Young people who learn to live together and to love each other as they grow inexorably. In short, it’s a light feature film intended to give you a good time!

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