“How did you see it?”: there is an infiltrator in the house of the GF VIP | Scandal of historic proportions

Amadeus, artistic director of Sanremo 2023 - Source Ansa Photo

Amadeus, artistic director of Sanremo 2023 – Source Ansa Photo

The artistic director of Sanremo 2023, Amadeus announced the names of two other co-hosts and the return of a much loved Italian band to the stage of the Ariston Theater.

A new big announcement for Sanremo 2023 has been made known by Amadeus this morning during the broadcast Long live Rai 2 conducted by Fiorello.

The new edition of the Italian song festival, day after day, is revealing all the names of the artists who will support the presenter during the five evenings. One surprise after another that began with the involvement of the digital influencer and entrepreneur Clear Ferragni and the most loved “Beast” of television, Francesca Fagnani.

We remind you that the event that will be broadcast in Eurovision will be held from Tuesday 7 February to Saturday 11 Februaryan evening during which the winning song will be revealed and which will represent Italy at the next Eurovision.

The two new co-hosts and Zelensky at Sanremo 2023

During the 1.30 pm edition of TG1 aired yesterday, Amadeus made a series of very interesting revelations regarding Sanremo 2023. But let’s go in order.

Let’s start by saying that the writer and conductor Bruno Vespa confirmed a Sunday In from Mara Venier, that among the expected guests there will also be the president Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukrainian President will be connected during the last evening of the music festival to bring his message of peace to the whole world. A figure that is by no means superfluous, considering that Ukraine is the winner of the last edition of Eurovision which took place in Turin.

Despite Zelensky’s initial reassurances, given the damage caused by the war against Russia, they will not be able to host the new edition of the most popular musical event in the world. In their place, during the month of May, England will host the various delegations, thanks to the second place of Sam Ryder with the song Space Man.

Amadeus, on the other hand, revealed the other two co-presenters who will represent the quotas rose within the management of Sanremo 2023. We are talking about the Italian volleyball player Paula Egonu for Thursday evening and the Tuscan actress Clare Francini by Friday.

So in summary: on Tuesday evening and for the final, Chiara Ferragni will be present as presenter. On Wednesday evening it will be the turn of Francesca Fagnani and Gianni Morandi, followed by Paola Egonu and on Friday evening Chiara Francini.

Amadeus together with the Pooh - Source Ansa Photo

Amadeus together with the Pooh – Source Ansa Photo

The return of the Pooh on the Ariston stage

Among the first rumors about the guests they would take at the 73rd edition of the Festival della Canzone Italiana, there was talk of the involvement of a variety of OVER 70 guests.

To confirm these words, the announcement arrived yesterday by Amadeus, pride in having created a trio of much loved singers. We are talking about Al Bano, Massimo Ranieri And Gianni Morandi, also as co-host.

In addition to them, there will also be the historic band of Pooh, very followed and appreciated by entire generations. Their presence was announced this morning during the programme Long live Rai2! Of Fiorello.

As specified by Amadeus, together with Red Canzian, Roby Facchinetti and Dodi Battaglia, this invitation did not come only to sing their most famous songs. Their presence will also represent a way to pay homage to an important piece of their group, the drummer Stephen D’Oraziowho passed away last November 2020.

“How did you see it?”: there is an infiltrator in the house of the GF VIP | Scandal of historic proportions