Humor – Passed by Limoges, the actor Julien Pestel is a hit with confined parodies of film dubbing

In Limoges, no one has forgotten him. Although already dating back a short decade, his hilarious parodies reappear regularly on social networks. If you are told: OSS187, Limoges no longer responds Where Anyway, I went to Limoges ? Julien Pestel, of course.

The author of “Bref, I went to Limoges” Julien Pestel now has his own Youtube channel

Installed since in Paris, the actor and author originally from the Lot, has come a long way. Accomplice of the brilliant Palmashow duoJulien has been making quite a buzz on the networks for the past few days… With his wife, actress Marion Creusvauxthey have created since the beginning of the confinement an Instagram account and a Twitter account, @Creustel, on which they broadcast one-minute film scene dubbings, with rewritten dialogues to stick to current events linked to the Covid-19 coronavirus and “the joys” of confinement… A pure treat. These small capsules are also distributed on his Youtube channel.

Followed by Joey Starr, Angèle…

“The idea came to us the evening of the speech by the President of the Republic, explains Julien. When the lockdown is announced. we said to ourselves “Whoa! It’s gone for a while, we’ll have to find something to keep busy… We did a first dubbing that we sent to our friends to do them Then we decided to post it and we saw that it didn’t only make our friends laugh!” Joey Starr, Angèle and Michel Denisot are among their fans!

Created on Wednesday March 18 the day after the start of confinement, the couple’s Instagram profile had “at 11:25 a.m. today Thursday March 26, 73,500 subscribers”, specifies the actor.

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“With Marion, we are used to dubbing voices,” replies Julien modestly when someone points out the professionalism of his more real-than-life dubbing. From their Parisian apartment where they are confined with their 14-month-old granddaughter, with a simple microphone and a little computer equipment, the young couple is doing wonders.

You would never have imagined Patrick Swayze complaining about having “the itchy kiki”, nor Julia Roberts arguing with Clive Owen over a roll of toilet paper, or even Regan, the horrible little girl from the exorcist sing Aya Nakamura… Julien and Marion did it. Atmosphere, sound effects, everything is there.

The “relaxation minute” for confined persons

What was supposed to be just a joke has become a real daily meeting for many confined people! And finally a lot of work for the young parents… “Everything included from the idea of ​​the sequence, the writing of the dialogues, the cutting, the editing, it takes us 4 to 5 hours a day… For one minute of movie ! »

They will try to take up the daily challenge, but the confinement is likely to be prolonged, these sketches are likely to last several seasons. So much the better for the confined. Treat yourself !

Coralie Zarb

Humor – Passed by Limoges, the actor Julien Pestel is a hit with confined parodies of film dubbing