I fall from the clouds: why did Checco Zalone choose Polignano a Mare?

I fall from the clouds is the blockbuster film by Gennaro Nunziante with Checco Zalone which is broadcast tonight on Canale 5 at 21.21. The film is famous not only for its great box-office results, but also because it is the film with which Checco Zalone he fictionalized his life. In fact, actually, I fall from the clouds it could also be described as a quasi-biographical film on the life and career of the famous Apulian comedian.

I fall from the clouds, the plot

Arrived in theaters in 2009, I fall from the clouds brings to the screen a typically Italian stereotype: that of the southern man who is forced to leave the south to try to get something out of his career. The protagonist Checco (Checco Zalone) is in fact a neo-melodic singer who hopes to be successful and stop working in an ice cream parlor in Polignano a Mare. When his music seems unable to take him anywhere and even his girlfriend leaves him, Checco decides to act impulsively, leaving Puglia and moving to Milan with his cousin. In the Lombard city Checco decides to participate in a talent show, in the hope that his music can reach as many people as possible. At the same time he meets Marika (Julia Michelini), a girl for whom he immediately loses his head. It’s a pity that Marika is the daughter of a Northern League supporter who doesn’t look kindly on southerners. Therefore, for the neo-melodic singer, numerous challenges appear on the horizon that will push him to consider what are the truly important things in life in order to get a little closer to happiness.

The choice of location

As stated at the beginning, I fall from the clouds it is a film that has a strong value biographical in sharing many elements with the real life of Checco Zalone and the path that led him to be one of the most recognizable faces of Italian cinema. If you approach the film from this point of view, it is not at all surprising that one of the locations chosen for I fall from the clouds is Polignano a mare, the splendid Apulian village that fascinates everyone thanks to its houses built almost overlooking the sea. Polignano a Mare, in fact, is the birthplace of the comedian and it is not surprising that Zalone wanted to include him in a story that he felt very close to himself.

However, according to what we read on Fanpage cinema there is also another motivation behind the choice of location that kicks off the film. According to the newspaper, in fact, I fall from the clouds should have opened with a shot on the statue of Dominic Modugno, famous Italian singer-songwriter known throughout the world, who was born in Polignano a Mare. Modugno, interpreter of the piece In the blue painted blue, he is not only one of the most prolific and complete artists in Italian history, but he is also a true legend for Checco Zalone. A myth that even his character could have inherited, since the film’s protagonist’s dream is precisely to live thanks to his music. In the end, however, Zalone gave up the idea of ​​insisting on Modugno’s statue for two main reasons. The first is that he didn’t want to resort to easy down-to-earth stereotypes of him that could have been an easy weapon in the hand of his detractors. The second is that, in a film in which the X-Factor parody also exists, placing too much emphasis on Modugno would have been somewhat anachronistic, perhaps alienating a slice of the audience. Therefore that initial shot was discarded, but Zalone still deemed it appropriate to leave Polignano a Mare as the location.

I fall from the clouds: why did Checco Zalone choose Polignano a Mare?