Image+nation unveils exceptional programming in hybrid format for its 35th edition

image+nation, the first LGBT2SQ+ film festival in Canada and the pioneering broadcaster of queer stories in Quebec, crosses the milestone of three and a half decades with its 35th edition which will take place from November 17 to 27! image+nation35 presents an exceptional selection of theatrical and virtual screenings to bring audiences the best and most captivating of contemporary queer cinema.

This year, the festival also includes two very special sections: the first retrospective on Ukrainian queer cinema and a program dedicated to Iranian LGBT2SQ+ short films. For the second consecutive year, picture+nation is proud to find the Canada Media Fund (CMF) as festival presenting partner, allowing this 35th edition to be quite remarkable and to mark the big screens of Montreal and the small screens everywhere in Quebec. This collaboration also allows the inauguration of the series of sessions [email protected] x FMC/CMF, presented by the CME.

With over 40 feature films and documentariesas well as 13 short film programs captivating, from 28 different countries, image+nation35 will take place on four flagship screens in Montreal (Imperial Cinema, Modern Cinema, Cinema de Sève, PHI Center), while again this year offering a program throughout Quebec via the virtual platform of the festival.

Representing the multiplicities of lived experiences is at the heart of the festival’s philosophy and image+nation35 exemplifies this: programming includes diverse perspectives that respond to and contribute to broader conversations about cultural, sexual and gender identities. The festival’s dedication to exploring the new frontiers of queer storytelling is also portrayed through its major programming focuses (FOCUS) such as Indigenous Voices / Indigiqueer, Emerging Voices, R/evolution: the avant-gardethe retrospective on Ukrainian queer cinema of this year, the special program of iranian short films and of course its famous sections Queerment Quebec, Focus France and Made in Canada.


ROSIE (2022) Gail Maurice

(Gail Maurice – Canada – 2022 – 90 min)
Friday, November 18 – 7 p.m. – Imperial Cinema

ROSIE, the feature debut of Métis writer, director and actress Gail Maurice, takes us to the fringes of 1980s Montreal, through the eyes of a sweet, suddenly orphaned Indigenous girl and her newly chosen family. Evoking the Sixties Scoop and the disconnection of Indigenous identity, ROSIE is an ode to finding a loving family when your blood ties have been erased from the background.

Secret cop (Leynilögga) (2021) Hannes Þór Halldórsson

(Hannes Þór Halldórsson – Iceland – 2021 – 98 min)
Sunday, November 27 – 7 p.m. – Imperial Cinema

secret copit’s the kind of big-budget cop spoof queer audiences aren’t usually entitled to, with the DNA of diehard and the zing of Austin Powers goofiness. When Reykjavik experiences a series of enigmatic crimes, an ever-closeted “super cop” and a pansexual crimefighter band together to crack the case and strike up a romance.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (ТІНІ ЗАБУТИХ ПРЕДКІВ) (1964) Serhii Parajanov


To underline the unwavering support to Ukrainian friends and colleagues in this time of war and oppression, image+nation35 presents a retrospective of Ukrainian queer cinema, curated and presented by Bohdan Zhuk of the Molodist, Kyiv International Fim Festival. A unique opportunity for the public to discover this little-known culture and learn more about a country whose stories rarely find their way to Montreal screens. The opening of the retrospective will be with Stop-Zemlia (СТОП-ЗЕМЛЯ) and will include the classic Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (ТІНІ ЗАБУТИХ ПРЕДКІВ)from 1984, Ivin A. (ІВІН А.) from 1990, My Father is my Mother’s Brother (ТАТО – МАМИН БРАТ) of 2018) and the program of short films Queer Warriors (КВІР-БОРЦІ).

lost swan (2022) Ehsan Abbasi


In support of the current protests in Iran and the relentless struggle of Iranian women (and men) for a secular and democratic Iran, image+nation35 offers a program of short films directed by women and focusing on the lives of women in Iran. These short films illustrate the struggles and efforts that Iranian women must make to gain freedom and, above all, their autonomy in a repressive and oppressive society. #womenlifefreedom

VT Nayani (This Place) / Julien Cadieux (there is a star)

SERIES [email protected] x FMC/CMF

In collaboration with the CME, image+nation35 inaugurated [email protected] x FMC/CMFa series of meetings and discussions with filmmakers and directors of series and video games at PHI Center. Among the guests are Gail Maurice + Melanie Bray (ROSIE), VT Nayani (This Place), Julien Cadieux (there is a star), Thom Fitzgerald + Adam Fox + Joey Beni (Sugar Highs) and QueerTech + Lowbirth Games.


Stands In Water (2021) Jean-Michel Beaulieu


The term Indicate (originally found by filmmaker TJ Cuthand) encompasses two intersectional and often overlapping identities: Indigenous and queer. Two-Spirit and Queer Indigenous creators from across Turtle Island share their stories, spaces, and realities in focus Indigenous Voices / Indigiqueer. I+N is proud to open the 35th edition of the festival with the film ROSIEby queer Métis director Gail Maurice. Equally exciting, the first feature film by VT Nayani is part of, This Placewith Kawennahere Devery Jacobsas well as an exceptional program of short films that celebrate the power and sanctity of two-spirit spaces and identities and Indicate.

Elephant (Sloń) (2022) Kamil Krawczycki


Emerging voices includes bold films that challenge conventional LGBT2SQ+ narratives to deliver perspectives that have, until now, been underrepresented in the canon of queer cinema. Emerging voices showcases emerging creators from countries living under repressive regimes. These films and filmmakers exemplify a queer existence imbued with power and agency, rather than a victim of their culture and provenance as is often portrayed in Western culture, providing viewers with new perspectives and representations. queer realities. Emerging voices includes films from Kazakhstan (Balaban), Pakistan (the country’s entry into the Oscars, joyland), Poland (Elephant (Sloń)) and Ukraine.

Three nights a week (2022) Florent Gouelou


A key initiative ofpicture+nation is to create a space for Francophone queer voices to be seen, heard and shared. Focus Francecontinues this mandate in the 35th edition of the festival thanks to an ongoing collaboration with the Consulate General of France in Quebec. Focus Franceoffers two extraordinary feature films, Besties by Marion Desseigne-Ravel and Three nights a week by Florent Gouëlou as well as an extraordinary collection of short films [email protected] x France in courts celebrating all the French creators of the year.

Yesterday’s Amazons, Today’s Lesbians. 40 years later (2022) Dominique Bourque, Julie Vaillancourt, Johanne Coulombe

R/evolution: the vanguards shines a spotlight on the moments, movements, and most importantly, the people who have helped shape our contemporary queer world. There is an urgent need to document our queer elders and the paths they have traced, the crucial importance of memory. R/evolution: the vanguards includes powerful words from feminist writers and activists (including the world premiere yesterday’s Amazons, today’s Lesbians. 40 years later, My Name is Andrea, Esther Newton Made me Gay, Loving Highsmith), clandestine lesbian lovers during the Second World War (Nelly & Nadine), a pioneer of gay cinema (Pat Rocco Dared) and an unlikely catalog of menswear that provided food for thought (and eye candy!) to a generation of young gay men coming of age in the ’80s: All Man: The International Male Story.

Golden Delicious (2022) Jason Karman

For decades, Canadian LGBT2SQ+ filmmakers have created some of the smartest and most inspired films in queer cinema. Made in Canada highlights their talents and visions. This year holds a record number of Canadian feature films, the majority of which are first feature films. Thanks to Canadian donor groups recognizing and supporting the diversity of their programs, 2022 sees an onslaught of Canadian talent: the opening film, ROSIE (Gail Maurice); This Placewith Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs; compulsive (Tara Thorne); When Time Got Louder (Connie Cocchia); Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls (Julianna Notten); the movie from here, You Can Live Forever (Sarah Watts + Mark Slutsky); and Golden Delicious by a former member of the festival, Jason Karman.

Alex (2022) Jean-Pierre Huot


picture+nation gives pride of place to local filmmakers with the section Queerment Quebec (QQ). Celebrating its 22nd anniversary, this year, QQwill showcase the wonderful queer narratives of emerging and established filmmakers from here to PHI Center for an evening of talks and movies.


Image+nation unveils exceptional programming in hybrid format for its 35th edition