In “Saints Row”, the gangsters start from scratch but do not hang up

Gang Wars Big Anything: “Saints Row,” a video game series created to compete with “Grand Theft Auto,” resets in a new city, but still with a light spirit.

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It starts like the movie Casino of Scorsese, and the downfall of a mobster at the top: you, without it being known yet whether this is the definitive impasse or whether you will end up take back your sponsor stripes. For the series Saints Row, an open-world gangster game that’s had a handful of episodes venturing into the supernatural, it’s reset time. Characters from modest origins, a new city, Santo Ileso, with the full-bodied flavors of Texas and Nevada, but always with an open mind to the improbable. Saints Row no longer has the original claim to compete Grand Theft Auto, its 165 million sales of Opus 5 and its online mode. But where GTA shows social satire, Saints Rowgives in pure parodywith flying cars, assumed clichés and neon kitsch in the decor.

The campaign can be played solo or cooperatively. After the very complete creation of your character, says the Boss, you will meet his three roommates and friends. The endearing little group will succeed in alienating the three city gangs
: the Marshalls, a paramilitary militia; the Panteros, beefy Latinos; and the Idols, anarchists and partygoers. Hence the idea of ​​creating, from an abandoned church, their own gang, the Saints.

Conquering the city will involve building shady businesses, car rides, blasting the radio, and obviously a lot of shootings, in the middle of which the recovery of health passes through bloody or acrobatic finishing blows. These ” pan-pan you’re dead » are the alpha and the omega of missions with quite varied, spectacular dressing, and which often dynamite the initial premise. The writing is removed, funny, and greatly catches up with the playful conformism of the whole. Because Saints Row hardly revolutionizes the urban open world game, both from the point of view of the size of the map and the interfaces or additional activities offered to explorers.

Technically pleasing to the eye but with some bugs, it fails to refresh the gameplay and graphics of games of the same type released on the older generation of consoles. But when he is funny, we are surprised to forgive him for his deviations.


The scriptwriting and visual excesses

Effective dialogues that melt endearing secondary characters

Missions that go like a lollipop Uncharted Where Need for Speed


Few bugs, but large (crash of the Boss creation interface)

Technically not at the current level expected of urban open worlds

Boring in the long term in the accumulation of shootings

THE SCORE: 15/20

A game Deep Silver, on XBox, Playstation and PC. Approx. €70. 18 years and over.

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In “Saints Row”, the gangsters start from scratch but do not hang up